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Reality franchises that make women look like gold digging tramps
Married to Medicine

We are all captivated, enthralled, and appalled simultaneously by the trout-mouthed, sailor-trash talking, bragging on their money, brawling broads that grace our television screens from various channels.

Designed for shock value, as well as being an excellent venue in how women should never act, I have compiled a list of the most ratchet (yes, that is the only term that comes to mind without cursing) reality shows that make women look like gold digging tramps.

All of you actors and actresses who have spent years crafting your art—move over! Hollywood has found a way to make you obsolete all while raking in big bucks with wickedly lewd shows as mentioned above. There is no fame in shame as we witness nightly on our televisions, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. These channels show women self destructing on live television and it’s called entertainment. Married to Medicine

This show is possibly the worse of the lot as the majority of these women are actually in fact married unlike their sister shows the Real Housewives franchise. These educated, talented women prove that education and status mean nothing when a camera is placed in their face. Nothing worse than seeing smart women act dumb…and yeah, they also fight as well. New Jersey Cast

BravoTV has a treasure trove of shows but none more popular than their Real Housewives franchise. Following women of means ranging from across the nation with women from Orange County, CA, Beverly Hills, CA, Atlanta, GA, New York City, New Jersey, and Miami, FL, this show is full of self-important women over the age of 40 and in some cases over the age of 50 acting like simple minded twenty-somethings. Their catty, snarky attitudes, and desire to remain young and relevant is hilarious to watch. The misnomer to this show however, is that not everyone is a wife as you watch you find that the ones who are married, you wonder how that happened.

Mob Wives
Mob Wives

Mob Wives

Not sure what to say about this show that basically encapsulates every stereotype about Italians that there is. Mafia – check. Ballsy Ride or Die women – check. Trash talking bully’s – check. This show follows the lives of mafia wives and girlfriends (again the show calls them wives, but only a few of them are actually married) because from what I hear about this lifestyle is that snitches get ditches. If you don’t believe me, watch the Bio channel and there specials on the mafia, they detest rats and snitches. Love & Hip Hop ATL

Initially starting in NYC this show branched out to the ATL (Atlanta, GA) to capture the Hip Hop industries movers and shakers from the south. What we witnessed was more of the same forty something females and males trying to remain relevant. Let’s face it..if you haven’t made it in the industry by the age of 30 as a rapper, the odds are you’re not going to make it. You can however, make a sex tape, pretend it got leaked and make your money/name from that. (yes I am being facetious)