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Potential of flower design business from wedding to funeral decorations

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Sometimes floral design schools MAY be asked by prospective students about the potential of floral decorating business. Before enrolling in a suitable course, they would like to know the possibilities, potential and also the size of floral design market etc. etc. Especially those who are planning to engage in floral design business must have keen interest in this kind of information.

Quite frankly speaking, the market size to be covered by each floral designer depends on how they make approach to potential market. Namely if they focus on a local market and the way of making advertisement is introducing their floral shop on the local phone book or distributing flyers together with local newspaper, the market is going to be quite limited and therefore they cannot expect an extremely big amount of business (although many of floral shops mainly cover local market only).

However if they make much larger scale of advertising mainly depending on the internet in the hope they can sell their flowers and decorations by way of online sales on nationwide basis, the market they can cover COULD be much larger and fairly big amount of business can be expected (although it is necessary for them to operate a floral shop in a totally different manner) .

In short, it is quite difficult to make a clear comment regarding how large market they can cover once they enter into a floral design market due to a variety of approach they do to the market. What is very clear is if they can cover the market of wedding and funeral floral decorations in addition to no-value-added cut flowers selling at a floral shop, they MAY be able to expect a fairly large market.

The reason behind this is that the business of wedding and funeral floral decorating services represents pretty high percentage of floral designing market and the unit price of each decoration, for weddings or funerals, is pretty expensive compared with the price of cut flowers that are not value added at all.

Take funeral floral decorations for instance, the average unit price of each decoration ranges from $180 to $350. And such prices are very expensive considering the cost of flowers and related decoration materials. In order to operate funeral floral decoration service business, various kinds of cost factors must be considered such as labor cost, monthly rent of a shop (if rented), delivery fee and interest arising out of keeping inventory etc. etc. The similar kind of cost is usually incurred when doing wedding floral decorating business as well.

Therefore we should not be extremely optimistic about the profit we can get only judging from the price of each decoration. Nevertheless, it is generally said that the business of wedding and funeral floral decorations COULD bring a fairly big amount of revenue and profit once they succeed in penetrating such market.

If you are planning to engage in floral business especially in the wedding or funeral floral decoration, California Flower Art Academy can help you earn practical skills of floral arrangements.You can make a choice of your most favorite course among a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS offered by California Flower Art Academy by well considering your previous experience and floral design related educational background. For more information feel free to contact

Table arrangement for wedding party
Table arrangement for wedding party California Flower Art Academy

Table arrangement for wedding party

Vertical centerpiece decoration is often displayed on the group table at a wedding party. The container is made of glass in this case. You can learn this type of wedding floral arrangement by enrolling in wedding floral decoration course at California Flower Art Academy.

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet California Flower Art Academy

Bridal bouquet

Bouquet is one of mandatory items which is held by a bride at wedding. There are many types of bouquets. This particular one features flowers offering the color of pink, white and red together with green stuff.

Wedding head-table floral arrangement
Wedding head-table floral arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Wedding head-table floral arrangement

The head-table at a wedding is decorated with a gorgeous horizontal floral arrangement as shown in the photo. Since the most important people take seat at a head-table, floral arrangement must be quite outstanding.

Floral cross for funeral ceremony
Floral cross for funeral ceremony California Flower Art Academy

Floral cross for funeral ceremony

If you are planning to have your own floral shop or work as a floral decorator, it is mandatory to master how to make funeral floral arrangement. The photo shows a floral cross used at a funeral ceremony. Those who belong to Funeral Floral Decoration Course can learn how to make this type of floral decoration at California Flower Art Academy.

Easel mounted wreath for wedding
Easel mounted wreath for wedding California Flower Art Academy

Easel mounted wreath for wedding

This type of colorful wreath mounted on the easel is often displayed at a reception of event such as a wedding party. The size is not so small and it offers beautiful color coordination as shown in the photo.

Casket mounted spray for funeral
Casket mounted spray for funeral California Flower Art Academy

Casket mounted spray for funeral

At a funeral ceremony, casket is decorated with floral spray. Those who are interested in learning funeral floral arrangement can learn how to make this kind of floral decoration by joining Funeral Floral Decoration Course at California Flower Art Academy.



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