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Playing Corpse Tag: 3 Real Time Marketing Tales of Social Media Survival

Honoring the lost or chasing clicks?
Honoring the lost or chasing clicks?
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Everyone is guilty of playing corpse tag. You may not be aware of it but you've probably become quite good at the latest internet craze.

Corpse tag is the race which occurs across the globe each time some celebrity passes on.

Ethical concerns aside- watching how you and your network reacts online to the death of some one of note or a bit of bad news can teach you volumes about the best practices of real time marketing.

With the increased forms of instant communication creeping into every corner of our lives, real time marketing has become the holy grail of community engagement strategies. The internet is awash with articles on the formal definitions & traditional tactics used to optimize ROI.

As is to be expected Pete & the crew at have the best break down things on the dynamic on the fly field of real time marketing.

Here are three real time marketing tales which all use innovative approaches to real time marketing.

Peter Seeger Everybody's Cool Hero
Peter Seeger Everybody's Cool Hero From Shorty Awards

Peter Seeger Everybody's Cool Hero

A huge chapter of American history closed when the news of Pete Seeger's death at the age of 94 began to trickle onto the feeds of social media enthusiasts. From world leaders to the youth he worked with on his beloved New York waterways the web was awash in digital expressions of gratitude for the once black listed icon.

This civil rights pioneer understood the value of networking with like minded friends and stayed connected to the world through out his long career using many forms of media so it was amazing to see the amplification of his dreams, hopes & vision of global understanding in this round of corpse tag.

Shortly after the news had been confirmed and the initial out pouring online efforts by his already existing community began.

Two best examples include:
Hudson River Pete Seeger Naming Campaign

Peter Seeger Cool Hero Wisdom & Compassion Shorty Award

Occuping Sandy Aid Recovery
Occuping Sandy Aid Recovery Staten Island Tool Library

Occuping Sandy Aid Recovery

The waters of super storm Sandy have long since left the coastal areas of the East Coast but the effects of it's impact are just being understood. The mutual aid efforts of the Occupy Movement demonstrated the power of social media as effective tools for disaster response & emergency relief.

Mobilizing even as the storm hit occupiers leveraged the hash tags #SandyAid & #SandyVolunteer to create a crowd sourced driver dispatch network to begin supporting neighbors effected by the storm.

The creative re-purposing of Amazon's Bridal Registries allowed the activists to solicit donations of items specifically requested by the Sandy storm survivors quickly and with little or no over head.

Using the Twitter based hash tag dispatch & the online registries Occupy was able to work side by side with neighbors building trust & their knowledge base to help with long term recovery projects.

Two such Projects
Staten Island Community Tool Library
Midland Avenue Neighborhood Relief

Fighting the Cold in Guy Fawkes Mask
Fighting the Cold in Guy Fawkes Mask Operation Safe Winter New York City

Fighting the Cold in Guy Fawkes Mask

Every time it drops below freezing you see a subtle form of the corpse tag game in the posts of scruffy men, malnourished children & ice encrusted puppies that get posted. Compassion for those in need when the thermometer drops is the first thing many charities play upon to get needed donations.

Started in the UK in November of 2013 Operation Safe Winter was begun as a simple attempt to help those living in the rough with some needed blankets & media attention spread globally like wildfire. Now in 9 countries the Anonymous network provides on going coordinated support to areas facing freezing temperatures on a regular basis.

Informed by their participation with Sandy aid efforts & the Occupy movement the New York chapters of OpSafeWinter have focused on long term food secuirty to the houseless.

While every organization & brand is trying to get cash donations during bad weather the Anonymous network calmly connects neighbors to sources of online support.

The model of incite, engage & inform used teaches volumes on the ins & outs of real time marketing.

Two Food Efforts in NYC:
Souper Sistas
Cook N' Grub Community Pitch In Potluck

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