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Part 5: How to free yourself, show up for your life, and cultivate possibilities

24 Hours of Motivation
Che Brown and Trevor Otts

Learn practical ways to free yourself to be yourself, show up for your life and cultivate your possibilities with action steps respectively shared by blog talk radio host Vince Toran, coach Andy Henriquez, and award-winning entrepreneur Cheryl Wood. This is the fifth installment in the series of articles recapping the“24-Hours of Motivation” live stream event presented by Che Brown, Trevor Otts and the Les Brown Platinum Speakers Network. See “Suggested by the author” links below this article for additional recaps.

Free Yourself to Be Yourself
Free Yourself to Be Yourself Vince Toran

Free Yourself to Be Yourself

It’s time to free yourself to be yourself! It’s time to heal whatever needs to be healed and let go of whatever was too painful to remember.

Today is a new day and the first day of the rest of your life. Free yourself with the following actions:

  • Answer the questions, “What can you achieve this year?” and “What can you imagine and believe?”
  • Align yourself with whatever thing you want to achieve this year.
  • Understand that the thing or vision you are seeking is YOU, and then begin to agree with it.
  • Tune into your victory channel and free yourself to be yourself.
  • Turn off “Scandal” and other distractions.

Exercise: Identify the one thing you want to accomplish this year. It’s not up to you to figure out how. Now, imagine the end of the year accomplished. How do you feel?

Vincent Toran is the host of “Freedom's Call With Vince Toran,” a bi-weekly opportunity to explore ways to live your dreams. Free Yourself To Be Yourself!

Show Up for Your Life
Show Up for Your Life Andy Henriquez

Show Up for Your Life

Show up for your life because if you don’t, no one else will.” – Andy Henriquez

Andy shared the following ways to show up:

“Let go or be dragged” – Proverb

  • List the people, places, conversations, mindsets and things you need to let go.
  • Make a decision on how you will show up this year. What are your goals and what are you going to do?
  • Find a way to keep focused on your dreams and overcome obstacles.
  • Identify five (5) people who will support you and that you can grow with.

Andy Henriquez is a strategic storytelling expert, speaker and coach who has the unique gift of crafting and delivering transformational messages, leaving a lasting impact on his audience. Andy is also the founder of the Show Up For Your Life Motivational Movement, a movement driven by a free motivational conference call which will inspire you to face your fears, break through your limitations and create the life that you desire, every Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST. Dial (712) 432-6100, Access Code 114431#.

Cultivate Your Possibilities
Cultivate Your Possibilities Cheryl Wood

Cultivate Your Possibilities

Your possibilities become probabilities when you refuse to give up on them.

Nurture = Cultivate, support, and encourage.

Tenacity = Endurance, stamina, staying power, stubbornness.

Steps to your success:

  • Say Yes to You – Yes to opportunities that scare, but strengthen you. Stay motivated every day, frequently defining and redefining creativity.
  • Focus more on what you want than don’t want – Focus on one main goal, project, or idea at a time and be aware how small tasks get you closer to a big goal.
  • Avoid distractions – Avoid procrastination, perfection paralysis, busy work, and negative influences.
  • Run with your ideas and take risks.
  • Take action.

Don’t whine, grind for your success!” – Cheryl Wood

Cheryl Wood is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, life coach, author and the host of Play Time Is Over Radio Show, a unique talk show that focuses on absolute empowerment to kick your life into high gear and inspiration to fearlessly go after what you want! Cheryl operates her life and her business on the belief that “while you’re creating excuses, someone else is executing” and, thus, her motto: Play Time Is Over. There’s no time to play games with your possibilities, no time for allowing excuses, distractions, fears, and self-limits to hold you hostage to your current reality. Your time to play BIGGER and create the reality you want is NOW!

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