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Once upon a knit

Genevieve Miller
Potter Craft

Genevieve Miller tells a knitted story of 28 Grimm and glamorous fairy-tale projects for you in "Once Upon a Knit". Whether you enjoy tales about 'Into the Woods', 'Princes & Princesses' or 'Something Wicked', you will find patterns for men, women, children and your castle. Designers include Tanis Gray, Julie Turjoman Joan of Dark and...

The book is made up of glossy photographs, fairy facts, several matching/multiple choice quizzes, a section on special skills that will show you how to knit a cable, use the magic loop method, short rows and more.

You will find a pattern for 'Huntsman's gloves & scarf'. It is a handsome black and white pattern that looks complicated but has a skill level of easy. The 'Proper Princess Topper' is perfect for imaginary play in mythical lands. With some beaded silk and metallic yarns, your little princess will be the belle of her own tea party. Cirilia Rose designed 'Elsa Snow Vest', a zippered sleevless sweater with an attractive stand-up collar. There are modifications given for sizes small to extra large.

So choose a pattern that easily fits into your imagination and may you knit, happily ever after. Just below is another of Genevieve Miller's books, "Vampire Knits".

Vampire Knits
Vampire Knits Genevieve Miller

Vampire Knits

Genevieve Miller has a passion for vampires and knitting. She has put together 28 knitting projects you can sink your teeth into. "Vampire Knits" is nicely photographed and the pages have an aged and “old world” look about them.

Gothic Knits
Gothic Knits Fiona McDonald

Gothic Knits

Fiona McDonald has come out with, "Gothic Knits". You will be introduced into the world of the Goth doll, no poseurs here. Each of the nine knitted dolls are unique in personality and style. This is a perfect collection of dolls for people who found her "Knitted Fairies" too tame.

Knit Your Own Zombie
Knit Your Own Zombie Fiona Goble

Knit Your Own Zombie

Welcome to the dark side. Zombies are everywhere these days. Knit some of your own Zombies inspired by the silver screen. "Knit Your Own Zombie" by Fiona Goble is a soft-covered book of eight interchangeable zombies for you to knit. There are over 1,000 combinations to rip 'n reassemble for horrifying results.