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On what kind of design would you like to focus when learning wedding flowers ?

Bridal corsage
Bridal corsage
California Flower Art Academy

The majority of people who learn floral arrangements are quite interested in wedding floral decoration seemingly because wedding flowers dominate a very high percentage of flower arranging business in the market and also the image about wedding is quite beautiful and attractive especially compared with funerals. Learning wedding flowers not only help expand your flower business opportunities but also contribute to enhancing your skill of floral designing.

As you may know, wedding floral decoration requires a very wide range of designs and also skills only because wedding flowers require a broad range of arrangements with high end decorations. This means that in order to learn wedding floral decorations, it is quite necessary to earn a variety of design concept as well as a wide range of skills that are not required for a regular kind of floral arrangements.

Wedding flowers usually remind us of bridal bouquets, corsage and pomanders etc. However these designs are hand-held or worn by a bride and they represent only a small portion of entire range of wedding flower market. Therefore learning only such small arrangements contribute to only small portion of wedding flowers and it is not enough to offer total services of wedding floral decorations.

Concretely speaking, under mentioned floral arrangements are used for weddings in addition to bouquets, corsage and pomanders:

*Group A:

Flower Basket
Centerpiece Arrangement
Main Table Arrangement
Wedding Cake Decoration

*Group B:

Candle Decoration
Central Main/Altar Decoration
Wreath Decoration

*Group C:

Arch shape design
Chair Decoration

Quite frankly speaking it is very difficult to learn above arrangements within a short period of time. Therefore it is wise to focus on a few designs by picking up mandatory arrangements from the above designs. If you have no idea about the choice of designs, it MAY be a good idea to start from Group A. After completing group A, why not proceed to Group B ? Group C could come as final arrangements you can learn.

If you are interested in learning wedding floral decoration, California Flower Art Academy can help. By signing up for Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course, Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course or Wedding Floral Decoration Advanced Course, you can learn designs you want to make. Depending on your experiences and skill level, you can make a choice of your most favorite course. For further information, feel free to contact

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet California Flower Art Academy

Bridal bouquet

Bouquet is usually hand-held by a bride at a wedding whereby a bride looks more beautiful and charming. Making bouquet usually takes about two hours which is much longer than ordinary floral arrangement. If you want to focus on bouquet when learning wedding flowers, why not join Bouquet Making Course offered by California Flower Art Academy ? The lesson fee is quite affordable.

Pomander California Flower Art Academy


This is one of examples of pomanders that were actually designed and made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. The completed pomander is just displayed at the the photo shows. Usually pomander is held by a bride at a wedding to enhance the beauty of a bride.

Vertical Flower Arrangement
Vertical Flower Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Vertical Flower Arrangement

This type of flower arrangement can be displayed by the side of a reception counter at a wedding. By joining wedding flower arrangement programs offered by California Flower Art Academy, you can learn a variety of wedding floral decorations.

Wedding Table Arrangement
Wedding Table Arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Wedding Table Arrangement

At the time of wedding party, you can find a gorgeous centerpiece decoration like the one shown in the photo. This particular centerpiece is a vertical arrangement placed in the center of the guests group table at the wedding party.

Large size of wedding floral arrangement
Large size of wedding floral arrangement California Flower Art Academy graduate

Large size of wedding floral arrangement

You often find this kind of large and gorgeous floral decoration displayed in the wedding hall. Since this needs lots of flowers, students can seldom learn how to make it at the classroom. Sometimes students have opportunities of learning how to make and how to display this type of arrangement at actual wedding.

Wedding head-table floral arrangement
Wedding head-table floral arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Wedding head-table floral arrangement

Head-table of wedding is seated by the most important people. And it must be decorated with a gorgeous table arrangement as shown in the picture. Head table arrangement is usually a horizontal design.