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NHL Playoffs: There's more than one cup NHL players are after this Spring

There's more than one cup NHL players seem to be after this season
There's more than one cup NHL players seem to be after this season
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Making it through a grueling 82 game regular season schedule is no easy task. Tack on the postseason where teams hope to make it through at least three best-of-seven series to reach the Stanley Cup Finals, and you're looking at a tiring agenda filled with the usual hockey grind as well as some extracurricular activities to boot.

That doesn't exclude a complimentary cup check from an opponent.

Here's a look at some of the highlight moments that proves, the Stanley Cup isn't the only cup NHL players are after this postseason:

Joel Quenneville is a handful
Joel Quenneville is a handful Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Joel Quenneville is a handful

There are ways to handle a missed call during a game and ways you should probably save for after the game when you're talking it over with your buddies.

For Chicago's head coach Joel Quenneville, the latter would have been a better, cheaper decision but in the heat of the moment he went all-in, giving an official an well as a handful, to display his displeasure.

WATCH: Coach Quenneville loses it after officials don't make delay-of-game call. WARNING: Do not watch if you're easily offended.

Patrick Sharp may have seen Quenneville grabbing his crotch in a dispute with an offical as being passionate, but the NHL saw it as inappropriate and fined the 55-year-old $25,000.

All because the officials didn't make a delay of game call that Quenneville believed should have been made.

"Disappointed with the call, but I apologize for my behavior," Quenneville said as quoted by Chicago Sun-Times. "It wasn't very appropriate at all. It was a bush-league move on my part."

Appropriate? Probably not.

An internet hit? Absolutely.

Milan Lucic shows Danny Dekeyser some love
Milan Lucic shows Danny Dekeyser some love Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Milan Lucic shows Danny Dekeyser some love

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic is known to get under the skin of his opponents and opposing fans, but during the opening series against the Detroit Red Wings, the bruising 25-year-old went under the belt and beyond a friendly formality with Detroit's Danny Dekeyser.

While skating up ice as the clock dwindled down to the final seconds of the opening frame of Game 1, Lucic gave Dekeyser a cup check, slashing the Red Wings forward between the legs before skating off as though nothing had happened.

WATCH: Milan Lucic intentionally pokes Dekeyser between the legs.

Dekeyser didn't retaliate, probably because he was on his knees, and luckily wasn't seriously injured. Lucic however didn't get off completely, and was fined $5,000 by the NHL for the play.

Corey Perry sticks it to Stars' captain Jamie Benn
Corey Perry sticks it to Stars' captain Jamie Benn Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Corey Perry sticks it to Stars' captain Jamie Benn

Corey Perry is as much a pest as he is an offensive threat and unfortunately for Dallas Stars' captain Jamie Benn, he found out both the hard way.

After taking a crushing hit from his Sochi Olympic teammate which resulted in Perry bouncing off the glass and onto his knees, the Anaheim Ducks winger gave Benn a good old fashioned shot to the groin..with his stick.

Perry, who has seven points through eight games this postseason, was called for a two-minute slashing minor for the cheap shot, though the real offense should have been a spear which is worth five-minutes in the box.

In case you were worried though, Perry isn't all about goal scoring and spearing. The one-time 50 goal scorer and Stanley Cup champion showed his funnier side during a stoppage of play last night when he gave the glove of Kings' forward Jeff Carter a squirt of water right in front of L.A.'s bench.

I think that's that they call a versatile player.

Jonathan Quick takes a shot at Anaheims' Corey Perry
Jonathan Quick takes a shot at Anaheims' Corey Perry Harry How/Getty Images

Jonathan Quick takes a shot at Anaheims' Corey Perry

Corey Perry has played both the villain and the victim this postseason when it comes to groin shots and last night was so exception. After taking a spear from Ryan Garbutt in the first round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Perry once again got his money's worth on his cup, this time taking a shot from Jonathan Quick.

With Perry sitting in Quick's crease, the Kings netminder took advantage of the easy target right in front of him, going blocker side between the legs of Perry which resulted in a two-minute penalty which you can imagine nobody in Los Angeles regrets.

WATCH: Jonathan Quick let's Corey Perry know guests aren't welcome in his crease.

There's something about Perry and the only good news for him and his manhood right now, is that he and his Ducks' teammates are two losses away from being eliminated by the Los Angeles Kings who hold a 2-0 series lead heading into Thursday's Game 3. Hopefully things are more relaxed on the links.

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