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New Franchise Opportunities in Georgia

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The idea of a franchise is sometimes daunting due to the both the financial investment and the fear of failure. Each of the following have an investment estimate below $50,000. In addition, many of these franchises are brand new in georgia decreasing the competition and increasing your likelihood of success.

Zoohoo's Eatery
Zoohoo's Eatery Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Zoohoo's Eatery

Adam and Karen Grinold began their mobile food truck venture, Zoohoo’s Eatery in Vermont.  The menu is simple and based upon connecting to the locally produced food sources. In 2011 they completed franchise development plan based upon 2 franchise models.   The Weekend Warrior is designed for fairs, carnivals, festivals and similar events and the Semi Permanent Franchise is located on properties leased or owned by the Franchisee

FiltaFry Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Founded in 1996, FiltaFry is an eco-friendly, mobile onsite service that assists eateries in managing micro-filtration and cleaning of fryers.  They have 8 operating entities in GA with room for 13 more.  Related product lines include FiltaBio and FiltaCool.  They were awarded the title of “Hottest 125 Franchisees for 2012” by Opportunity World.

Kokofit Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Following the trend of personal trainer centered gyms, Kokofit raises the bar by having equipment which responds to your workout history and goals and customizes your workout.  The founder had a successful tech startup before devising technology to help his wife meet her fitness goals after a baby.  They are currently in 28 states but have yet to tap Georgia.

SnappyKitchens SnappKitchens.Com


Snappy Kitchens directs customers to an online portal for the design of their kitchen upgrade and then connects clients with real-world professionals to provide everything from counsel to installation. Snappy Kitchens opened its second showroom in Alpharetta for April 12. This Texas based company entrée into Georgia was its first expansion outside of the home state.



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