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New Booster Bundle for DC Universe Online

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There's a new Booster Bundle for DC Universe Online offering a $30 value for 2,000 SC/MC. The fun super hero MMO is offering this new Booster Bundle for a limited time. It will be available until April 2nd.

This new bundle is offering special aura's for in-game hero's as well as 500 replay badges, 5 vault tickets and a whole lot more. Being a super hero is pretty awesome but when everyone is super like in DC Universe Online it helps to have something a little special to help you stick out. This Booster Bundle could have just what you need.

The latest March newsletter for the game also announces new DLC. "Amazon Fury Part 1" will be DCUO's 10th DLC package which will allow players to play as Wonder Woman as they defend Gotham from Queen Hippolyta and Circe. For those wanting to take a walk on the villain side you can play the DLC as Circe as well. The DLC will also include a new weapon mastery feature and new alert and duo's. Check out the DCUO website for more info.

Aura Sony Online Entertainment


The DCUO Booster Bundle includes an Aura Reward Box which will get you one random aura.  Available aura's include Blue Plasmic, Red Plasmic, or the New Nimbus Aura.  A new aura can really help your hero shine.

Nimbus Aura
Nimbus Aura Sony Online Entertainment

Nimbus Aura

In addition to a random aura the Booster Bundle includes 500 replay badges and 6 R&D scanners.  The Bundle offers great savings having it's priced reduced from 3,000 SC/MC to 2,000. 

Red Plasmic
Red Plasmic Sony Online Entertainment

Red Plasmic

Get 8 radar enhancers and 5 proto repair bots included in the Booster Bundle.  This DCUO Bundle Deal is brought to you by Booster Gold.

Booster Bundle
Booster Bundle Sony Online Entertainment

Booster Bundle

5 vault tickets are included in this Limited Edition Bundle.  The Booster Bundle is currently available in the in-game marketplace until April 2nd so don't miss out on your chance to get this great deal.

Amazon Fury
Amazon Fury Sony Online Entertainment

Amazon Fury

New DLC for DCUO comes with Wonder Woman's story.  "Amazon Fury Part 1" brings cool new features as well as playable mission as either hero Wonder Woman or villain Circe.


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