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Nat Geo Mundo introduces Spanish language shows for the fall season

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Nat Geo Mundo is a National Geographic channel that provides high quality entertainment to the Hispanic audience in the United States. With programs developed in Spanish or translated into it, the channel offers the Latino community an exciting and detailed look into the wonders of nature.

Starting next month (October 2013), Nat Geo Mundo will add new programming that will include “El Lider de la Manada” (Leader of the Herd), a new effort by “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan, as well as “Reyes del Acuario” (Aquarium Kings), “Doctor Vet: LA,” and “Juegos Mentales” (Mental Games- already airing this month).

Read further and learn what you can expect in each of these fascinating programs.

“El Lider de la Manada” with Cesar Millan
“El Lider de la Manada” with Cesar Millan Dena Burroughs

“El Lider de la Manada” with Cesar Millan

“El Lider de la Manada” is a show done completely in Spanish in which Cesar Millan facilitates the adoption of dogs into deserving homes. The first season was done in Spain, an effort by Millan to do a show that his mother in Mexico (Millan was born in Culiacan) could appreciate.

“Before that my shows were in English,” says Millan, “and although my mom could watch them, she would always tell me: “Pero no es tu voz hijo!” (But it is not your voice, son!) So I promised her that I would someday make a show in which she could hear my voice.”

The second season of the program, this time recorded in the U.S., will air sometime this fall. When asked how this show will differ from “Dog Whisperer,” Millan says: “This time I’m matching the correct dog to the correct owner. Let me give you an example: sometimes mothers look for a puppy for their children and at the shelter they pick the most active of them all, “the cutest,” the bounciest one. However, if the children will be at school all day and mom at work all day, it will not be a successful match. This program will help people understand that for an adoption to be successful the puppy and the owner must be corresponding counterparts.”

As the star and co-writer of the show, Millan says that another important goal is “to awaken the world to how many dogs are euthanized in one year, how we kill them and how the world really treats what we call man’s best friend. By recognizing what is really happening around the world, we can save the lives of millions of dogs by respecting their love.”

“Doctor Vet: LA” (Dr. Courtney Campbell)
“Doctor Vet: LA” (Dr. Courtney Campbell) Dena Burroughs

“Doctor Vet: LA” (Dr. Courtney Campbell)

Premiering on October 10th, “Doctor Vet: LA” will explore the ups and downs of the collective life of a group of Latino veterinarians in Los Angeles.

“We didn’t set out to be dramatic,” says Dr. Georgina Marquez, originally from Mexico City. “But dramatic situations do happen in a vets’ office, such as when a pet must be put to sleep and there is not a dry eye left in the house.”


"Dcctor Vet:LA" (pictured is Dr. Giselle Concepcion)
"Dcctor Vet:LA" (pictured is Dr. Giselle Concepcion) Dena Burroughs

"Dcctor Vet:LA" (pictured is Dr. Giselle Concepcion)

With Spanish mixed into English dialogue, the show also features the work of Dr. Giselle Concepcion, from Puerto Rico, who practices a specialized skill on animals – acupuncture.

From animals as large as elephants and as small as the tiniest puppy, “Doctor Vet: LA” is a window into the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to the care and healing of pets.

“Reyes del Acuario” (pictured is Mat Roy)
“Reyes del Acuario” (pictured is Mat Roy) Dena Burroughs

“Reyes del Acuario” (pictured is Mat Roy)

Premiering on October 19, “Reyes del Acuario” will show you how some of the most spectacular aquariums are created.  Dubbed into Spanish, the program will do for the Hispanic audience what it has already been doing for the English speaking audiences – it will teach families how to take care of their fish tanks, give them ideas to make them even more beautiful, and it will provide a look into marine life that is not easily accessible: giant octopus, snakehead fish, lionfish, and much more.

A team of six fish loving men – Mat, John, Ben, Krusty, Francis and Jose will put together their aquatic knowledge, expertise, and their inventiveness to entertain and amaze you.

“Juegos Mentales” (pictured is Jason Silva)
“Juegos Mentales” (pictured is Jason Silva)

“Juegos Mentales” (pictured is Jason Silva)

Already airing on Monday nights, “Juegos Mentales” discusses everything between visual perception to sound, creativity, lying, persuasion, and all else that makes the human brain awesome.

It takes tremendous physical endurance for the brain to process everything we hear, see, smell, touch and taste, and even the fittest of the fit cannot process all this information at once. Which is why you migth miss the spelling an grammatical errors in this sentence…  (did you?).

Venezuela-born Jason Silva is the host of this show, which promises to guide you through the twists and turns of your grey matter.

Visit for more information about of all these new shows, and make sure to check with your cable provider for airing times.