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Mythical Creatures Part 3

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Mythical creature is a term used to describe a creature that appears in legends and folklore. Although there is no known scientific proof that supports the existence of mythical creatures, many people remain fascinated by the very idea of such fantastic creatures. In fact, there is a pseudoscience called “cryptozoology” that focuses on conducting searches for and studies of creatures whose existence is not confirmed!

Mythical creatures are, like their namesake, simply myths but they do much to get creative imaginations flowing. Furthermore, the creatures found in cryptozoology—like “mothman”—are said to have been based on actual sighting reports…and that has made these creatures into the stuff of urban legends.

The existence of mythical beings in the actual world is far less pressing than their all-too-real existence in stories, television, film song and Internet media. In fact, entire genres and franchises have been built around the adventures of mythical creatures and this has made them driving forces behind some of the biggest entertainment brands and iconic songs and shows (some examples include “Harry Potter,” “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “X-Files”).

Below is a list that chronicles some of the most well-known mythical creatures that continue to make frequent appearances in modern pop-culture.

Unicorns Matt Cardy/Getty Images


Unicorns are white creatures that look exactly like horses except for a long golden horn that grows from the center of their forehead. Unicorns live in the Enchanted Forest and they are associated with virtues like purity, beauty, peace and grace. Although Unicorns are usually associated with Europe, they are said to have originated in the Mediterranean and several legends also place them in the Asian nations of China and India. Unicorns with wings are called “Pegasus.”

Dragons Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Dragons are large reptile-like creatures that are sort of a mix between a snake and a lizard. Dragons have four legs and scaly skin. They can breathe fire and fly for long distances. Dragons can be very aggressive and territorial so they are dangerous to humans. However, in China dragons are considered to be symbols of good luck and fortune. Most dragons live in caves and mountainous regions. It is difficult to say where dragons originated from because they appear in legends from various places across the globe including Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Genies Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images


Genies are creatures that dwell in sandy desert-like areas. Since they originated in the Middle East Genies are sometimes called Jinn which is the Arabic word used to describe them. Genies usually have heads and torsos but small or no legs. They can be captured in jars like bottles and lamps and must grant whoever releases them three wishes.

Griffins Spencer Platt/Getty Images


Griffins are creatures that have four feet like a lion, a head with the beak of an eagle, and the wings of a dragon. Griffins like to fly and can live in both forests and mountainous regions. They will also eat mostly anything and are skilled hunters of prey. Although Griffins thrive in many parts of the world, such as Europe and the Mediterranean., they originated in Egypt.

Pixies Ben Gabbe/Getty Images


Pixies are very tiny creatures that have wings and fly like fairies. Pixies are often considered mischievous but they are harmless and playful. They live in the forest and like to hang around in places that have lots of flowers and mushrooms. The origin of Pixies is debated; some people say Pixies come from Sweden while others believe they come from Great Britain.



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