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'Mythbusters' fires cast: Fans speak out about the changes

Jamie and Adam
Jamie and Adam
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Last night "Mythbusters" made a decision to fire three of their cast members. This news did not go over well at all. According to E! Online on Friday, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are all leaving the show. They have not explained why they are not coming back, but simply that they won't be returning.

Fans are very upset and are actually going off that they might boycott the show. They want answers and are hoping that this means that something great is coming for these three. If they had another show lined up, you would think that Discovery would have mentioned that and even used it as a chance to promote it.

Your TV shared that the show is taking a new direction now. They have been with this show for ten years already. A decade is a long time to be on a show and then have it taken away from you. The cast obviously already knew before the big announcement last night, but they were quiet about it until the news was out.

Only time will tell if the show can continue without them. They have upset a lot of people. You have to assume that with just Jamie and Adam they also won't have time to do as many myths each week.

At this time, it looks like "Mythbusters" simply has no plans at all of bringing them back. They are gone and they aren't even talking about where they are going. Hopefully they speak out in the future about their plans. They are saying that new adventures do await them though.

Josh Kimbell

Josh Kimbell is an upset fan.

Jason Spooner

Jason Spooner won't be watching the show now.


Kiemzi is hoping for a spin-off


It does look like Grant plans to keep building robots though.

Scott at Home

Scott is done with the show too.

Greek Furious

Greek Furious even compared it to the red wedding on "Game of Thrones."

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