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Most epic Young Adult literature breakups and makeups

Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries

Valentine's Day is all about romance, but sometime relationships just don’t go the way you planned. In real life, breakups are heartbreaking when you realize you may lose the one person you thought you would love forever. But in Young Adult fiction, the breakup is a thing to embrace, because after the breakup comes the epic makeup.
To celebrate the day, here are some of the best breakups and makeups of Young Adult fiction. Go ahead and join in the conversation by tweeting your favorite breakups to makeups at #breakupsmakeups.

WARNING: Spoilers abound so read with caution!

Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries Goodreads

Vampire Diaries

Elena and Stefan

“The Fury” (Vampire Diaries, Book 3) and “Dark Reunion” (Vampire Diaries, Book 4)

THE BREAKUP: After human Elena becomes a vampire, Elena awakens and attacks her vampire boyfriend Stefan after viewing him as a threat. The fight leaves Stefan broken-hearted and assuming that her attack on him meant she loved his vampire brother Damon more.
THE MAKEUP: A love that even beats death, Elena comes back as an angel so that her and Stefan can be reunited again.

TMI Goodreads


Clarissa and Jace

“City of Bones” (Immortal Instruments, Book 1) and “City of Glass” (Immortal Instruments, Book 3)

THE BREAKUP: After Shadowhunters Jace and Clary share their first kiss Clary's sixteenth birthday, they are forced to end their relationship when they are told they are really brother and sister.
THE MAKEUP: The two find out that, thankfully, they are not related. Jace arrives to rescue Clary from a ritual sacrifice but is stabbed himself. Clary saves him.
BEST LINE: “There is no pretending," Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I'll love you then.”

Twilight Goodreads


Bella and Edward

“New Moon” (Twilight, Book 2)

THE BREAKUP: After finally getting together in Book 1, vampire Edward decides to leave Forks and dumps his human girlfriend Bella in the process. Though Bella is unaware, the decision is motived solely by Edward’s belief that their relationship is endangering Bella's life.
THE MAKEUP: Due to a misunderstanding, Edward believes Bella is dead. Edward decides to commit suicide in Italy. Bella goes to Italy to save Edward and must promise the Volturi, a powerful vampire coven, that Bella will be turned into a vampire in the near future. Bella and Edward are reunited and return to Forks.
BEST LINE: “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason . . . And then you shot across my sky like a meteor.”

The Secret Circle
The Secret Circle Goodreads

The Secret Circle

Cassie and Adam

“The Initiation” (Secret Circle, Book 1) and “The Power” (Secret Circe, Book 3)

THE BREAKUP: When Cassie first meets Adam, it’s love at first sight. Until she finds out they are both witches and Adam is already dating her new best friend, and leader of their coven, Diana. After one magical kiss, Adam and Cassie swear not to love each other for the sake of Diana and their coven.
THE MAKEUP: When an evil force threatens the coven, Cassie takes charge in solving local murders and protecting her friends. Her reward is Diana selflessly stepping down so that Cassie and Adam can finally be together.

Vampire Academy
Vampire Academy Goodreads

Vampire Academy

Rose and Dimitri

“Shadow Kiss” (Vampire Academy, Book 3) and “Last Sacrifice” (Vampire Academy, Book 6)

THE BREAKUP: After finally consummating their relationship, dhampir guardian Dimitri and his dhampir mentee and guardian-in-training Rose are attacked by a Strigoi (i.e., bad vampire). Dimitri is turned into Strigoi. Rose decides she must go after the changed Dimitri and kill him.
THE MAKEUP: Dimitri is cured and no longer Strigoi. He and Rose are forced to go on a mission together to find their friend’s half-sibling. After Rose accidentally kills someone during a fight, Dimitri is the only one who can comfort her and they confess their undying love for one another.
BEST LINE: “She was right about something else too,” Dimitri said after a long pause.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“That I do still love you.”

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