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Morning After the Golden Globes: Top Five Videos from the Night...

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The Golden Globes are still buzzing off star's champagne stained lips and on viewer's coffee-infused lips (or maybe that is just me drinking coffee from 9-5). After all of the Awards' parties and celeb tweets/instas, from last night we have come into some interesting media for the Morning After the Golden Globes...

#5 Cate Blanchett's Acceptance Speech
#5 Cate Blanchett's Acceptance Speech YouTube, Cate Blanchett, Golden Globes

#5 Cate Blanchett's Acceptance Speech

Cate Blanchett was a sure thing Sunday night for winning Best Actress in a Drama for Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine - but who knew this regal lady was such a zinger? I think she made Woody proud... if only he attended these things. She was a few vodka tonics in and the lady rolled-out some punches in this amusing - yet endearing acceptance speech. I think all award winners must be at least 2 drinks in from now on before the are able to accept an award. Something to considert for next year HFP?

View the video HERE


#4 Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad
#4 Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad, Golden Globes, YouTube

#4 Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad

I have loved Breaking Bad, the AMC mad science wonder since season 1 - and I was so happy the show won Best Drama last night. A thing I did notice though, is that it took them for effing ever to get to the stage. All the TV people in the back and the Moviers in the front? Well, that is kind of messed-up... But, let's move on. Aaron Paul made my night with just two words. Thank you Vince Gilligan for making this happen!

Yo, check-out the video here. 

#3 Jared and Shannon Leto
#3 Jared and Shannon Leto Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Golden Globes, YouTube

#3 Jared and Shannon Leto

Seriously? There are TWO of them. The Leto Brothers are just about the steamiest thing in Hollywood. Jared Leto actor, musician - Shannon Leto, drummer. Yes, ladies he is a drummer. What a sweet moment that Jared brought his big brother to the Golden Globes  - and it really does seem like these two are the best of friends. This video is amazing because he shared the limelight with his big bro and because he uses the phrase, "Still coughing-up my balls," and yet is still oh, so dreamy. 

Warning: Must be wearing goggles to watch the the Extra Interview video with the Leto Brothers Here.

#2 Leo Dicaprio and Mom
#2 Leo Dicaprio and Mom Leo DiCaprio, Golden Globes, YouTube

#2 Leo Dicaprio and Mom

Probably the funnest factoid from the Golden Globes 2014  - is that both Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio brought their moms as dates to the spiffy event. Bradley is pictured left with his mother Gloria and Leo on the end with his mom, Irmelin. Both moms, I have to say are blonde bombshells! And, if these two men have not already charmed your panties into a twist - then them bringing their moms to the Golden Globes will...

But, this video is about Leo and his mama. Probably the most endearing thing I saw from the GG's is when he said that he had to bring his mom. 

Leo and Mama are here. 

And, Leo is Alive...
And, Leo is Alive... Leo DiCaprio, Twitter

And, Leo is Alive...

And, apparently Leo is alive because the Golden Globes were a reason for Leo to tweet. He hasn't tweeted since December 24, 2013 - and you know when you haven't tweeted in a week, your dead right? 

Well he surged and filled the twitter-sphere with lots of Golden Globes love. Good press, sir, good press. 

Dear Leo, 

You simply made the Golden Globes 2014 for me. One, you are handsome. Two, you are handsome. Three, the vagina joke that Tina Fey made about you and your reaction was priceless. And, lastly you are mom are just about the damn cutest thing I have ever seen. 

Just for fun: Vagina video here along with other funny moments. 

#1 Spike Jonze Acceptance Speech
#1 Spike Jonze Acceptance Speech Spike Jonze, Golden Globes

#1 Spike Jonze Acceptance Speech

I was through the moon that Her received love from the HFP last night. Jonze's type of comedy and Mr. Phoenix are some dark horses in these niches. But,  Her was a really terrific, cutting post-modern film. Jonze concept and idea was refreshing making a truly wonderful movie-going experience. 

The best part was Jonze's cute, trembly bambi-esque speech that caught his terrific five star smile (really he should be in front of the camera!). And, I never realized how nimble he was, just popping-on the side of the stage...damn, that is how they all should do it. 

You can watch, re-watch and re-re-watch Spike's acceptance speech here.