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More vegan recipes you can sink your teeth into

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Vegan tofu eggs were just the start. Now it’s time to learn how to morph this very easy dish into two more healthy, go-to dishes that will keep you on track and keep you committed to your goal.

If you use an entire package of extra firm tofu to make your vegan tofu eggs, chances are you have left overs and that’s great. With half of the left over tofu eggs you can make vegan egg salad. From that you can create the yummiest vegan egg salad and veggie bacon sandwich ever.

First, gather veggie mayo made from grape seed or olive oil. This is a vegan ingredient that could possibly make you forget about your favorite dairy mayonnaise. The simplest way to make the egg salad would be to place the vegan eggs in a bowl, add the veggie mayo and toss in whatever spices and seasonings to your own taste. To add even more flair, add relish or relish in mustard (you can usually by a relish mustard combo in the ketchup aisle. This ingredient adds color and flavor. With the simple egg salad done, grab some romaine lettuce (pre-bagged/pre-washed if you have it) or whatever greens you prefer and enjoy.

Second, turn your egg salad into a delicious egg salad sandwich. There are some scrumptious breads to be found at your local health food stores like Trader Joes and Whole foods so take your pick. Then get a tasty veggie bacon like that offered by Morning Star Farms (not completely vegan, but vegetarian for sure). This bacon can be microwaved for approximately 30-45 seconds and served. So it’s quick and easy. Toast your bread in a toaster or oven. Spread a thin layer of veggie mayo on one or both pieces of bread. Put a generous dollop of egg salad and enjoy.

There you have it, three entrees from one package of extra firm tofu. Not only that, but you cut unwanted and unneeded fat, cholesterol and calories from your diet. Going vegan or veggie has never tasted so good!

The list below will give you a visual of some of the ingredients mentioned to make your killer egg salad and egg salad sandwich.

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Add Vegenaise "mayo" to your salad or sandwich
Add Vegenaise "mayo" to your salad or sandwich Photo credit by

Add Vegenaise "mayo" to your salad or sandwich

Regular dairy mayo, though tasty, is not all that good for you. However, there are many alternatives. One such alternative is making your own vegan mayo, which can be cost effective. Unfortunately, those converting to veganism may have the enthusiasm but not the time to embark upon lengthy preparations. Vegenaise is one product line that offers soy free, non-GMO alternatives to mayonnaise that taste great.

Morning Star "bacon Strips" add crunch and satisfaction
Morning Star "bacon Strips" add crunch and satisfaction Photo credits by

Morning Star "bacon Strips" add crunch and satisfaction

Going veggie or vegan does not mean that you have to sacrifice taste. However, you may sacrifice fat, which is good. These bacon strip analogs are 36% less fattening than regular bacon. They add crunch and although they do not taste exactly the same as bacon, the smoky flavor and similar color and shape could keep you from feeling like you're missing out!

You can't go wrong with crunchy greens
You can't go wrong with crunchy greens Photo credit by

You can't go wrong with crunchy greens

While enjoying the flavorful faux egg salad you just made pair it with a crunchy green, like romaine. It is not one of the stronger tasting greens therefore it blends well in a salad. Pile up on which ever green or lettuce you prefer for a filling and satisfying addition to your vegan egg salad.
One Degree Vegan Bread
One Degree Vegan Bread Photo credits by

One Degree Vegan Bread

There is really not much to criticize about switching from regular bread to wholesome vegan alternatives, except maybe the fact that they do not last as long. The reason for the shorter shelf life is most do not come with preservatives. Refrigeration could extend its life, but most vegan bread should be consumed in a matter of days not weeks. With this aside, these vegan alternatives are hearty and delicious and make a killer sandwich. Slather on a healthy dollop of vegan egg salad, add some crunchy romaine lettuce, smear with a little Vegenaise and you have a sandwich that may make you forget meat all together!