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Monthly subscription service: What's in my July Bulu Box

Bulu Box offers a monthly subscription service chock full of vitamins and tasty, healthy treats.
Bulu Box offers a monthly subscription service chock full of vitamins and tasty, healthy treats.
Beth McIntire

I always enjoy receiving a monthly subscription box, and my first Bulu Box proved especially exciting, filled with tasty products even kids were thrilled to eat.

Bulu Box also wants to hear what you think of the samples in your monthly box. If you login to your Bulu Box account and fill out sample surveys, you can earn up to 60 reward points per box (worth $6) for your efforts.

A monthly subscription to Bulu Box costs $10, or you can save by signing up for an annual subscription for $110. You can also receive a 50 percent discount on your Bulu Box purchase by using the code BRAM35B5.

Tasty treats
Tasty treats Beth McIntire

Tasty treats

My family especially liked the bag of "The Good Bean" crunchy roasted chickpeas. Each bag contains 120 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein, and they cost $19.98 for a pack of eight. I shared the bag with my young testers, ages 10 and 4, who described the roasted chickpeas as "very yummy" and "delicious."

The Quest Bar gourmet protein bar, containing 20 grams of protein, was another favorite. My young testers and I found the cookie dough flavored, gluten and sugar free bar quite tasty. A box of 12 bars costs $30.99.

We really liked the Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein powder packet, which mixes with water or milk for a post-workout or anytime protein drink. The powder is gluten, dairy and soy free and vegan and costs $41.15 for 28 servings. The packet suggests soy milk or almond milk, but we mixed it with 6 ounces of skim milk and thoroughly enjoyed the vanilla chai taste.

Tea and supplements
Tea and supplements Beth McIntire

Tea and supplements

The box also contained two sample teabags of organic energy tea from RUNA Tea, made with guayusa, an Amazonian leaf that provides natural caffeine and antioxidants. RUNA teabags cost $35.99 for a box of 96.

Two sample packets of Shapeology Burn Blend also came in the box - supplements to mimic the effects of a favorably high metabolism to help with weight loss. You can pick up a bottle of 60 capsules of Burn Blend for $39.99.

If you occasionally overdo the alcohol, you may appreciate another of the samples from my Bulu Box - Advancemint Happy Hour, tasty mints that replenish the body with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants to help offset the uncomfortable effects of too much alcohol.

Great gift idea
Great gift idea Beth McIntire

Great gift idea

Monthly subscription services make great gifts - give a three-month, $30 subscription or a six-month, $60 subscription to someone, and it'll feel like Christmas or a birthday every month when the recipient's Bulu Box arrives.

Should you buy monthly subscription boxes for yourself, you can start a bin to hold anything your household can't use, and make Christmas and birthday gift baskets out of them later.

I received a complimentary Bulu Box in return for my honest review.