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Monthly subscription service: What's in my August Bulu Box

What's in this month's Bulu Box?
Beth McIntire

Receiving a monthly subscription box is always an exciting experience, and unboxing the selection of goodies inside never fails to put a smile on my face.

Bulu Box offers a special box of healthy snack and supplement samples each month for $10 (or $110 annually). You can receive a 50 percent discount on your Bulu Box purchase by using the code BRAM35B5. If you login to your Bulu Box account and fill out sample surveys for your boxes, you can earn up to 60 rewards points (worth $6) for your opinions every month.

What's in a Bulu Box?
What's in a Bulu Box? Beth McIntire

What's in a Bulu Box?

Here's what was in my August box.

  • Kratos Natural Beef Bar - Sample square, 100 percent lean beef bar containing 15 g of protein, gluten free and low in calories with only 1 gram of carbs. The regular price for full size bars is $36 for a 12-bar box. My sample was tasty and notably lacked the greasy, fatty feel of typical beef sticks or jerky.
  • NutriLux Bubble Vitamins-Glow - Supplement for helping to build strong hair, skin and nails. NutriLux claims their vitamin bubbles are more easily and quickly digested than standard vitamin pills. Each Glow Bubble contains several B vitamins along with vitamins C, E and K in the "Glow Beauty Blend" of grape seed oil, horsetail extract, inositol and collagen. Bulu Box sells a month's supply of Glow Bubbles for $34.99.
Vitamins and energy boost
Vitamins and energy boost Beth McIntire

Vitamins and energy boost

  • Forgiven - Single serve bottle supplement for helping relieve hangovers. A supply of 12 shots costs $35.88.
  • EBOOST Natural Energy Shot - Single serving bottle of energy drink containing green tea extract, vitamins and natural ingredients to increase energy. A package of 12 bottles goes for $43.99.
  • Simple Being Daily Personal Vitamin Gummies - Two sample packets with two vitamin gummies each. If you're among those who prefer chewing a yummy gummy to swallowing a giant pill, you'll love these tasty treats. They contain a full panel of vitamins in just two gummies, including A, C, D, B-6, B12 and Folic Acid along with minerals such as choline and zinc. Simple Being Daily Personal Vitamin Gummies cost $19.99 for a month's supply of 60 gummies.
  • Zestra - Sample pack to apply topically; contains "botanical oils and extracts that can help you feel aroused and give you a deeper, more pleasurable experience." A supply of 15 applications costs $49.95.
Great gifts for yourself or others
Great gifts for yourself or others Beth McIntire

Great gifts for yourself or others

  • Dream Water - Single serving bottle which contains supplements for helping improve your slumber - GABA, melatonin and 5-HTP. You can pick up 12 servings for $38.99.

Monthly subscription boxes make fantastic gifts, and Bulu Box would work well for someone on your birthday or Christmas list who tends to choose natural products.

If you decide to try Bulu Box or any other monthly subscription service for yourself, you can start a bin for holding anything that you and your family can't use. Keep items in the bin for making Christmas and birthday gift baskets later. I received a complimentary Bulu Box for evaluation purposes.

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