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Monthly subscription service: What's in a Nerd Block Jr. box?

Here's what was in my Nerd Block Jr. box.
Beth McIntire

Remember those grab bags you used to love as a kid? You'd pick one up at a fair or festival and shiver with excitement as you opened it up to peak inside.

Monthly subscription services such as Nerd Block Jr. elicit the same type of reaction, and you can purchase single or multiple months to thrill a special child, even one who lives far away.

Nerd Block Jr., available in boxes geared toward girls or boys, costs $13.99 a month. While the company claims its boxes include mostly geeky products, the items in my box, which I received free for evaluation purposes, would appeal to almost any kid.

What's in a Nerd Block Jr. box?
What's in a Nerd Block Jr. box? Beth McIntire

What's in a Nerd Block Jr. box?

Here's what was in mine.

  • Chickadee comic, story, puzzle and joke book
  • Light-up Captain America squashy toy
  • Pokemon cards
  • Spiderman pencil cap
  • "How to Train Your Dragon" Toothless vinyl figure
  • Hello Kitty Mega Bloks packet (contained small Hello Kitty figure and one Lego-type plastic block that it can attach to)
Nice item selection
Nice item selection Beth McIntire

Nice item selection

My young testers, ages 4 and 10, divvied up the six items, three apiece, and delighted in their choices. The four-year-old likes Spiderman for some reason, though she's too young to have ever seen a Spiderman movie or even a cartoon. She snapped up the Spiderman pencil cap and the Hello Kitty item and decided that Hello Kitty and Spiderman apparently have some sort of relationship going.

Both kids like the Chickadee comic book, and the ten-year-old found the Captain America squashy toy entertaining. Both girls enjoyed the "How to Train Your Dragon" movies, so the Toothless figure was also a hit.

Great gift for any child
Great gift for any child Beth McIntire

Great gift for any child

Kids love getting a surprise box of cool stuff, so you don't need to limit Nerd Block Jr.'s offerings to children with nerdy tendencies. Any kid would probably enjoy a Nerd Block Jr., and their $13.99 per month price tag makes them an affordable gift for any price range. Give one month, three months or more, depending on how much you wanted to spend on the child. A multi-month subscription will make recipients feel like it's their birthday or Christmas all over again each time their monthly Nerd Block Jr. box arrives.

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