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Monthly subscription service: What's in a Nerd Block box?

Nerd Block offers a monthly subscription box chock full of cool items for fans of video games, science fiction and fantasy.
Beth McIntire

Nerd Block offers a monthly subscription service geared toward geeks, described as "Comic Con in a box" and "like a nerd Christmas, delivered each month."

Costing $19.99 a month and including a variety of items, including a T-shirt, Nerd Block certainly delivers on its promise of a cool selection of geeky gifts. I received a free Nerd Block box in return for my honest evaluation.

What's in a Nerd Block box?
What's in a Nerd Block box? Beth McIntire

What's in a Nerd Block box?

Here's what was in mine.

  • Dr. Who Titans vinyl figure
  • Star Wars Chewbacca mini plush
  • Super Mario mini race car (Wii Diecast Collection)
  • Green Minecraft sticker
  • Nerd Block Pin Art
  • "The Hobbit" Bilbo Baggins vinyl figure
  • Super Mario T-shirt
Fun items
Fun items Beth McIntire

Fun items

The pin art went over especially well with my family. Everyone wanted to play with it, from the adults to the kid testers, ages 4 and 10, who reveled in pressing the device onto their hands and faces, then onto toys and anything else they found. I drew the line at making pin art out of our elderly cat, but everything else seemed to be fair game.

Great gift idea
Great gift idea Beth McIntire

Great gift idea

The Super Mario T-shirt washed well and is made of a thick,high-quality cotton fabric. Each monthly box includes a T-shirt, so you need to tell Nerd Block the correct size to include. The Chewbacca plush makes Chewie look quite adorable.

I can definitely see these items appealing to people with geeky tendencies, especially in their TV and movie choices. Monthly subscription boxes work well as gifts for friends and relatives who live too far way for you to give them their gifts in person. A gift card seems impersonal and may sit in a wallet or drawer unused for months, while a subscription box contains several cute gifts in a box. Plus, you can buy a subscription of three or six months so your recipient keeps getting boxes and feeling like it's Christmas or a birthday every time.

Monthly subscription boxes appeal to the child in everyone, the kid who loved picking up a grab bag at a fair and delighted in finding out what was inside. Nerd Block offers a unique take on the idea, catering to fans of video games, science fiction and fantasy and offering a nice array of items in its monthly box.

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