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Mixing old and vintage with new decor by Tiffany Brooks

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We've had friend and decorator Tiffany Brooks here before, and that's because she delivers such good information about design and interiors and how to make the best for your look. We welcome her back today to talk about:

The Secret to Mixing Old with New Decor
with HGTV personality, Tiffany Brooks, who offers a ‘how to’ when combining old with new

2014 is underway and it’s time to make resolutions that will last and give your home the long-needed facelift it deserves.

“My favorite technique when re-decorating has always been mixing old with new. An interesting mix is interesting because it doesn't look right separately, but together, makes a perfect combination.” says Tiffany Brooks, HGTV Personality and Host of 2014 Smart Home.

The trick to mixing old and new design is really a basic study in contrasts. Mixing old and new is all about combining super sleek and modern with vintage worn and tattered. Find and combine items that are straight off the manufacturing line with those that have held a story for so many years.

See some steps to help illustrate the mix below.

Number one: Keep your color combinations similar
Number one: Keep your color combinations similar Tiffany Brooks

Number one: Keep your color combinations similar

When in doubt, a black and white color scheme is always a go-to for a sophisticated and contemporary feel. Combine black vintage with black modern and then add a spice of Victorian white accents: your room will have a united look, with a personal touch.

For example: This image marries a sleek with classic through the variegated vintage wallpaper, and the modern animal skull. Side by side, the two may not look cohesive, yet when put together they make a perfect match.

Number two: Consider the ratio
Number two: Consider the ratio Tiffany Brooks

Number two: Consider the ratio

Keep your room fresh with stark contrasts. For mid-century furnishings: make sure there is a 70%-80% of mod mid-century furnishings mixed with a 20%-30% use of traditional pieces.

For example: This image merges mid-century accents with the modern bones of the room. The simple and elegant accent of wood creates a rustic French Country style that combines perfectly with the clean cuts of the contemporary pieces.

Number three. Use the bones of your home as a starting point
Number three. Use the bones of your home as a starting point Tiffany Brooks

Number three. Use the bones of your home as a starting point

Sometimes less is more. Mixing old with new is a great way to spice up a space without changing everything about it. Add vintage furnishings, such as; art, trinkets and accents, lamps, or curtains. This will give off that personal and cozy feel, while keeping in line with the previous style.
For example: This image mixes a country style of warm white woods and cotton slipcovers, then adds an unexpected appearance with the mid-century modern lamp. This rooms keeps in line with the overall color scheme, but adds an edgy look with the combinations of different era fixtures.