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Michael Jason Fields-Christina Mahzamani: Cement block murder in Valrico, Fl.

Michael Jason Fields-Valrico
Police File Photo: Hillsborough County

Michael Jason Fields-Christina Mahzamani Valrico Murder Case:Tampa Bay times reported yesterday that an African-American Florida man has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder with a weapon in the gruesome beating death of his girlfriend.

Police say Michael Jason Fields, 32, beat his girlfriend Christina Mahzamani, 32, and killed her with a cement block in his backyard in Valrico. Michael Jason Fields is in the Hillsborough County Jail, according to MyFox Tampa Bay.

Case Summary

Michael Jason Fields was dating 32-year old Christina Mahzamani, a mother of three children. Mahzamani, who is described as a loving, devoted mother, allowed Michael Jason Fields to live in her home for a time but eventually kicked him out.

Sources say, Christina Mahzamani made up her mind to improve her life but continued to see Michael Fields at the new home he was renting. Family and friends were under the impression that Christina Mahzamani had stopped seeing Fields.

The interracial couple's relationship has been described as volatile and intense, according to the Daily Mail.



Sunday, March 9

Christina Mahzamani's children, who are home alone at 1608 Loriana St, call their biological father to inform him that their mother has not returned from the store.

The children are eventually picked up and taken to the home of a family member.

This is the last time any one sees Christina Mahzamani.

Monday, March 10

Christina Mahzamani is still not home. The children are staying with a relative.

8:45 p.m.
A family member notifies police that Christina is missing and a police report is filed.

Tuesday, March 11

2:20 p.m.

Michael Jason Fields calls police and informs them that he has found a woman's body in his front yard.

Police arrive at Field's home on St. Cloud Oaks Drive, where they find the body of a badly beaten woman. The police investigation reveals that the woman is his on and off girlfriend Christina Mahzamani.

The physical evidence at the scene shows that Fields beat and killed the woman with a concrete block in the backyard, then dragged her dead body to the front yard. After the murder, Fields drove his girlfriend's car to another location.

Michael Jason Fields, who has a prior criminal record, is charged with second-degree murder with a weapon and taken to the Hillsborough County Jail.

Michael Jason Fields-Valrico
Michael Jason Fields-Valrico Police File Photo: Hillsborough County

Michael Jason Fields-Valrico

Here is the mug shot of 32-year-old Michael Fields. Fields, was living with his girlfriend Christina but was later kicked out. Field's claims to be a personal trainer. He also has a criminal record for child abuse.

Christina Mahzamani-Facebook
Christina Mahzamani-Facebook Facebook

Christina Mahzamani-Facebook

Christina Mahzamani was a loving mother who was completely devoted to her children ages 13, 9, 7. But, Christina's life took a wrong turn when she met Michael Jason Fields, a handsome out-of-work personal trainer.

Christina Mahzamani
Christina Mahzamani Facebook

Christina Mahzamani

In this photo, you can see that she has slimmed down. Friends say, Christina Mahzamani was doing every thing possible to improve her life. That improvement was to include getting rid of Michael Jason Fields. No one knows why she visited Fields that fateful night.

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