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'Maternal Obsession' aka 'Locked Away' inspired by true story of Teka Adams?

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"Locked Away" aka "Maternal Obsession" is a 2010 movie that sounds similar to the Teka Adams-Veronica Dermous true story. "Maternal Obsession" is directed by Doug Campbell and written by Christine Conradt and Ken Sanders. It stars Jean Louisa Kelly, Paula Trickey and Kirsten Prout. The movie first aired on Lifetime in September 2010.

"Maternal Obsession" aka "Locked Away" synopsis/plot

When a teenage girl becomes pregnant, she and her boyfriend believe that giving the baby up for adoption might be the best thing to do. But, when she vanishes after a meeting with a counselor, her boyfriend and mother are desperate to find her.

The idea for the movie might be inspired by the Teka Adams fetal abduction case. Her case was covered heavily in the news media in December 2009. According to Washinton, DC., court documents, 40-year-old Veronica Deramous posed as a caseworker/counselor and later abducted 29-year-old Teka Adams, holding her hostage for 5 days. Police say, Veronica Deramous was desperate to have a baby and planned to cut the baby from the young woman's stomach.

With her stomach cut open, Teka Adams managed to escape her abductor. Teka Adams and her husband gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Adam' husband never stopped looking for her during the ordeal. Authorities say Veronica Deramous targeted the woman because Teka Adams, who was staying in a shelter, was homeless at the time.

'Maternal Obsession' true story?
'Maternal Obsession' true story? IMDB

'Maternal Obsession' true story?

The movie first aired in 2010. The script was finished near the end of December 2009. The story of Teka Adams was all over the news on December 8 and 9th of 2009. The story was a media sensation for several months after Teka's story broke.

Teka Adams-Investigation Discovery
Teka Adams-Investigation Discovery YouTube

Teka Adams-Investigation Discovery

Teka Adams story was covered heavily by the Washington Post. Her story has also been the subject of at least two documentaries. TV One's "Will To Live" and Investigation Discovery's House of Horrors."

Veronica Deramous-Teka Adams
Veronica Deramous-Teka Adams Police file photo

Veronica Deramous-Teka Adams

Here is Veronica Deramous. Police say, Deramous was so desperate to have a baby that she pretended to be a caseworker and counselor for Teka Adams. Adams, who was in a homeless shelter at the time, trusted Veronica Deramous.