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Mary Foley, and others, share about new show 'RichmondBIZLIVE'

Mary Foley
Mary Foley
Mary Foley, Photo courtesy Mary Foley, used with permission

On April 23, 2014, Mary Foley, and others, were happy to share about a brand new radio show. It is called "RichmondBIZLIVE!" The show, out of Richmond, Va., has a mission that includes Richmond business experts helping Richmond businesses.

Mary, can you tell us more about this new show and what it's about?

"Though our economy is growing, it's slow and many businesses are still struggling, putting thousands of jobs and the families they provide for at risk. This radio show is an example of how a local business community is coming together in a fresh, new way to help each other grow the local economy.

RichmondBIZLIVE!" is on WLEE990 News Talk 990 AM each Saturday at 10 a.m., and I love the theme. It’s all about Richmond business experts helping Richmond businesses! Though Richmond based, this show has ideas that any entrepreneur can benefit from. It can also be heard, and seen, via webcam from anywhere!"

Does the show have a mission, and if so what is it?

"Our mission for the show is to offer a service not available in the greater Richmond area, helping established businesses. Over the last decade Richmond has seen many initiatives that have increased the options for start-ups needing help. Services like free consulting, business formation incubators, your first office space, meetings with Angel Investors, etc., are available to any owner willing to pursue the help. To learn more about the show go to Our Story."

Has anyone noticed a difference from such initiatives?

"Yes, these initiatives are making a real difference in Richmond. Now 'RichmondBIZLIVE' is part of the mix!"

Is there anything else that you would like to share about the show?

"Yes, one can visit "The Shows" to see more of what the show is all about and see how audiences are inspired from what the shows' experts have to say. William "Bill" Eastman is the host, and he is also the managing partner at GrowthWorx. Eastman has 35 years experience in the industry as a business researcher and serial entrepreneur.

The other BIZ experts on the show include Linda Health, Eric Macalma, Andy Shulick, Mike Carroll, Huy Tran and Mark Deutsch. It is Host Bill Eastman, however, who has taken his years of business consulting and best practice research for the 'big guys' (corporations), who can afford an expensive consultant, and used it for the small and medium sized businesses who are the foundation of our economy."

Thanks goes out to all those at "RichmondBIZLIVE!"

When Mary Foley speaks...
When Mary Foley speaks... Photo courtesy Mary Foley, used with permission

When Mary Foley speaks...

... everyone listens!

I have shared two easy ways to get started that any entrepreneur can do. To take a quick listen, go here to listen to the April 12, 2014 show! (I’m the first biz expert of three on the show.)

On my upcoming segments I will be featuring Richmond businesses that are doing a terrific job of sharing their expertise, especially online. If you want to recommend a business for me to consider, just click reply and let me know! - "Mary Foley"

Speaker and author Mary Foley
Speaker and author Mary Foley Photo courtesy Mary Foley, used with permission

Speaker and author Mary Foley

"Today’s busy businesswomen are experiencing tough challenges.

Such challenges include increased workplace tension, more demanding clients, reduced budgets, and more.

A natural reaction is to hunker down or withdraw.

Instead, successful businesswomen learn to thrive!" - Mary Foley, author of "Bodacious!"

"RichmondBIZLIVE" in Richmond, Va.
"RichmondBIZLIVE" in Richmond, Va. Photo courtesy of Mary Foley, used with permission

"RichmondBIZLIVE" in Richmond, Va.

Each one of the "Thought Leaders" featured every week on "RichmondBIZLIVE" are Richmond based business owners.

They are investing in you and your business by offering their expertise for free. All you have to do is listen and be open to new ideas, new techniques, and a willingness to change... "RichmondBIZLIVE" is Richmond companies helping Richmond companies, and that is our difference. - "RichmondBIZLIVE"

They're listening on "RichmondBIZLIVE"
They're listening on "RichmondBIZLIVE" Photo courtesy Mary Foley, used with permission

They're listening on "RichmondBIZLIVE"

According to "RichmondBIZLIVE," their role is to be a resource for existing businesses trying to improve their operations while dealing with years of inertia.

Given our experience in the corporate world driving change with thousands of people, we know how difficult it can be even in a 20 person company.

The answer are solutions that provide the desired result and a implementation process that gains commitment.

It is here we excel.

Mary Foley inspires!
Mary Foley inspires! Photo courtesy Mary Foley, used with permission

Mary Foley inspires!

Now more than ever, smart leaders recognize that busy women need more than a work-life balance pep talk or cliché “work smarter not harder” career advice to boost their performance and hit big goals.

Mary Foley inspires women with practical, fresh advice to renew their sanity,
regain their confidence, and reenergize their personal and professional success!

Mary Foley on new show
Mary Foley on new show Photo courtesy Mary Foley, used with permission

Mary Foley on new show

"I’m happy to share that I’m back on the radio as part of a new radio show called "RichmonBIZLIVE! "

The shows will include some fab business experts. Visit RichmondBIZLIVE now for all the details, including the current Program Guide.

You can also sign up to receive a weekly update on upcoming shows and new resources from our business experts." - Mary Foley

Richmond, Va.
Richmond, Va. Photo: Wiki

Richmond, Va.

Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the United States. Since 1871 it has been an independent city and not part of any county.

The city of Richmond is the center of the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and the Greater Richmond area.

As of the 2010 census, the population was 204,214, in 2013, the population was estimated to be 211,172, with a population of 1,208,101 for the Richmond Metropolitan Area.

That makes it the fourth-most populous city in Virginia. - Wiki

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