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Manischewitz Company: New products at market store shelves

There will be several new products currently out on store shelves by the Manischewitz Company this year.
There will be several new products currently out on store shelves by the Manischewitz Company this year.
Manischewitz Company

In an exclusive interview with David Most, Customer Marketing for Manischewitz, consumers can look forward to several new products currently out on store shelves. At a Manischewitz sponsored event located in New York on March 27, Mr. Most took National Grocery Examiner, Sue Robinson, to tour their table and taste-test samples of their newest products.

Robinson asked Most, “What are some of the new products coming out that consumers can look for this year?”

“Consumers are in for sweet treats in addition to a new chicken broth exclusively for Passover this year,” Most responded.

Manischewitz Pistachio Orange Macaroons is their newest flavor added to their dessert snacks product line; the bite-sized macaroons are soft, moist and certified gluten-free.

Another new snack to look out for this year will be Manischewitz Coconut Crisp Cookies. The cookies are crispy sweet and full of crunchy texture in your mouth.

Manischewitz Chicken broth kosher for Passover is a key cooking ingredient to use for the holiday as well as all year round use; this broth is packed with homemade flavors perfect for all your cooking needs.

Photos of the new chicken broth, macaroons and coconut crisp products are shown below and their nutritional facts are available at Manischewitz’s official website.

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Manischewitz Pistachio Orange Macaroons
Manischewitz Pistachio Orange Macaroons srobinson

Manischewitz Pistachio Orange Macaroons

The Manischewitz Pistachio Orange Macaroons is Manischewitz Company’s newest flavor in their dessert product line; the bite-sized treats are soft, moist and gluten-free.

Manischewitz Coconut Crisp Cookies
Manischewitz Coconut Crisp Cookies srobinson

Manischewitz Coconut Crisp Cookies

The Manischewitz Coconut Crisp Cookies are new this year to the Manischewitz dessert snacks product line. These light snacks are crispy sweet and are full of texture; nutritional facts are available on their official website.

Manischewitz Chicken Broth
Manischewitz Chicken Broth srobinson

Manischewitz Chicken Broth

Manischewitz Chicken Broth is kosher for Passover and year round use. This new product (see photo) comes in a green carton recloseable carton container. The homemade taste is perfect to use for your holiday dishes.

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