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Make a simple home made bookmark

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Bookmarks are a great gift for a loved one or a great end of the school year project. The following is a tutorial on how to make a simple bookmark using materials that are easy to obtain. All of the materials were obtained around San Diego and can be found in any craft or discount store. Examples of stores where these materials can be found around town include Michael's, Wal Mart, any 99 cent store, and small mom and pop shops such as those in La Mesa or Encinitas.

While this tutorial is about making a simple bookmark, personal preferences can be applied in many ways. Glitter, stickers, laminate, plastic covers, and other material can be used to complete this project depending on personal preference. While this is a great project for children, younger children should be supervised and guided.

Basic materials needed
Basic materials needed Darlene Luckins

Basic materials needed

First, gather the materials you need.  Here, for this project, you will need yarn, paint, scissors, and a paint brush.  Card stock paper will be used, however, other material and surfaces can be used.  It's recommended that one use nothing thinner than card stock.  Regular paper will curl up under the paint.  Illustration and poster board as well as good quality water color paper are good choices.

If you are using a tinted or colored piece of card stock, be aware that such color will show through the paint or design.

Cut the paper
Cut the paper Darlene Luckins

Cut the paper

Start by cutting the card stock or other material into the desired shape.  It can be cut into standard bookmark shape, or can be cut wider or more narrow depending on preference.  

Paint the design
Paint the design Darlene Luckins

Paint the design

Paint the design on the bookmark.  Here, acrylic paints are being used, but watercolor and tempura can also be used on thicker surfaces.  Do not use oil paints as they often don't work on paper products, especially those that haven't been primed or prepared.

Stickers and glitter can also be used in lieu of paints.

Paint the back
Paint the back Darlene Luckins

Paint the back

It's generally recommended that the back of the bookmark be painted.  It can be painted a solid color, such as shown here, or painted with patterns, names, inspirational quotes.  

After this step, one can laminate or put a plastic cover over the bookmark. 

Punch a hole
Punch a hole Darlene Luckins

Punch a hole

If you want to proceed to the next step and have a polished, finished look to your bookmark, it is recommended that you poke a hole at the top.  This will allow for yarn to be placed through the hole.  If you don't want this type of look to your bookmark, you can skip this step.

Cut yarn into pieces
Cut yarn into pieces Darlene Luckins

Cut yarn into pieces

Take several strands of yarn of any color and cut into even strands.  You don't need to cut many strands, usually four to six is sufficient.  Any more and not only will your yarn not fit through the hole in the next step, it will look bulky.

Pull strands of yarn through hole
Pull strands of yarn through hole Darlene Luckins

Pull strands of yarn through hole

Pull strands of yarn through the hole and tie into a double-knot.  Take your scissors and trim the ends of the yarn to make them even.  



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