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Live Action!

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Live Action Roleplay (LARP) is a fabulous time of racing through the woods with your foam-covered "boffer" sword, while you slay the (pretend) monsters that lurk in the shadows. For anyone who loved the board game Dungeons & Dragons, or wishes that chivalry was not dead, or just likes ren faire life, or steampunk (or even knows what steampunk is without looking it up!), then you might be a LARPer.

One of the biggest and best and most successful LARP groups in the whole state of Texas (and perhaps even the nation) is called Sovereign Scrolls and they are close enough for a Nacogdoches Day Trip. They meet once a month in Woodville, Texas (sometimes twice) and usually on the second weekend of the month (not quite always). The host site is Camp Niwana.

New players are always welcome, and it's fine to come for just an afternoon visit and meet people first, to learn more about it and see if you'd like to join the fun.

Sovereign Scrolls main website here.

Camp Niwana main website here.

They are both also on Facebook.

Gargoyle Elizabeth Barr


A gargoyle lurks in the trees, waiting to do whatever it is that gargoyles do. Gargoyles are made of stone and this player has used an all-black outfit and gray facepaint to appear stone-like.

Evoker Elizabeth Barr


Magic abounds in the LARP world. This player could be an Evoker or a Magician or a Wizard or various other similar type characters. Most players really enjoy the fighting aspect of LARP, but some prefer to be involved in other ways, such as casting spells from a distance.

Big Thicket Ren Faire 2013
Big Thicket Ren Faire 2013 Elizabeth Barr

Big Thicket Ren Faire 2013

The first-ever Big Thicket Ren Faire of 2013 was a great success! The players are looking forward to another wonderful event in the fall of 2014, dates to be announced later.  Visit for updates when available.