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Lillie Mae Eubank-John Eubank: Army wife charged with murder of husband

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Lillie Eubank-John 'Uicimall'eq' Eubank Fort Stewart, GA, murder case:The Augusta Chronicle is reporting today that the wife of a soldier who was murdered at Fort Stewart has been arrested and charged with his murder.

Federal prosecutors say that Lillie Banks conspired with her brother Carl Evan 'Cowboy' Swain to kill her husband Army Specialist John Joseph Beans Eubank for the insurance money.

John 'Uicimall'eq' Eubank's body was found at Holbrook pond on a Fort Stewart army base in Georgia 2013. Lillie Mae Eubank could face the death penalty, if found guilty.

Case Murder Type: Beaten to death with a baseball bat

Case Background: Lillie Eubank-John Eubank

John Joseph Beans Eubank is an Alaskan native who was serving his country at Fort Stewart in Georgia. He had been enlisted in the U.S. Army since 2003. Eubank worked as a motor transport operator (truck driver) in the 396th Transportation Company. He was legally married to Lillie Mae Eubanks.


November 30

  • A body is found severely injured at Holbrook Pond on the Fort Stewart Army base. The unidentified male is taken to a local hospital, where he is pronounced dead.
  • Officials at Fort Stewart Army base are trying to identify the dead body of a man found in the campground area of Fort Stewart. They say the body is that of a male in his early twenties, according to WSAV News.
  • The soldier is later identified as 29-year-old Army Specialist John Eubank aka John Joseph Beans Eubank.
  • An examination of the body reveals the soldier died of blunt force trauma to the head, according WSAV News.

December 13

  • Officials release the identity of the dead soldier to the public.


January 9

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation returns an indictment charging 43-year-old Alabama resident Carl Evan 'Cowboy' Swain with first-degree murder in the death of Spc. John Eubank.
  • Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty due to the special circumstance of willfully beat and killed the victim "within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States," according to the indictment.

January 23

  • Carl Evan Swain of Jasper, AL, pleads not guilty to the murder of John Eubank.


  • Lillie Mae Eubank is arrested. The federal murder investigation discovered that Lillie Eubank asked her brother to kill her husband to collect $160,000 in life insurance. In return, she agreed to pay her brother $30,000, according to prosecutors.

March 4

  • Army wife Lillie Mae Eubank faces charges in the death of her husband John Eubank. She is ordered detained by a federal judge.
  • A federal indictment is expected.
John Joseph 'Beans' Eubank
John Joseph 'Beans' Eubank Facebook

John Joseph 'Beans' Eubank

Here is a photo of Army Specialist John Joseph Beans Eubank aka Uicimall'eq, his Yupik name. John Banks was originally from Alaska. What a sad ending for a young soldier who was so far away from his loving family.

Lillie Eubank aka Lillie Mae Eubank: Facebook
Lillie Eubank aka Lillie Mae Eubank: Facebook Facebook

Lillie Eubank aka Lillie Mae Eubank: Facebook

Here is a photo obtained from Lillie Mae Eubank's Facebook account. On her profile page, she often talked about being a proud Army wife.

John Eubank Fort Stewart, GA
John Eubank Fort Stewart, GA Facebook

John Eubank Fort Stewart, GA

In this photo obtained from the late John Eubank's Facebook profile, he stands like a soldier who is proud to serve his country. He had no idea that he would be savagely beaten to death by civilians.

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