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Last minute back to school savings

Save on supplies
Save on supplies
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August is a stressful month for many families. Parents may be ready to send kids back to school, but it costs a lot to get them started. Fortunately, there are still ways to save a lot of money on back to school basics.

  1. All Remington College campuses are giving kids free back to school haircuts this month. Visit their website for more information.
  2. Dollar Tree stores have more school supplies than ever before. Parents can print the weekly advertisement which includes a complete list of school supplies available in stores. Another advantage of shopping at Dollar Tree is that there are many less "extras" that can attract the attention of children and parents. These little non-necessary items can add up quickly.
  3. Stock piling can save a bundle. puts out a yearly chart with priceline guidelines. It helps parents to comparison shop and to know when to buy extra supplies to stock for later in the year.
  4. Goodwill stores have school uniform sections which often contain only slightly used uniforms. The secret is to visit stores often and to visit as many as possible.
  5. Local papers contain many coupons for school supplies. The key is to look at the price of the items after the coupon and see where they fall on the chart from
  6. is an excellent website where parents can sign up to receive daily local deals on everything from socks to laptops.
  7. For parents who are having a tough time due to unemployment or some other hardship, the Salvation Army offers a Back to School program. Contact them as soon as possible as supplies are limited.
  8. Ask friends and family if they have any items on your list that they are not using. Most of them, especially grandparents, will be more than willing to help.
  9. It is a good idea to create a supply shelf or drawer because it helps parents and students to stay organized so that they do not have to buy unnecessary items during the school year.
  10. Parents should check local event pages such as Acadiana365 frequently for upcoming savings events. From free haircuts to free entertainment, there are many ways to start the school year off on the right foot.

The best way to shop for school necessities is to plan ahead. However, it is indeed possible to find great deals at the last minute.

Save money on school supplies
Save money on school supplies Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Save money on school supplies

Families can save a lot of money on school supplies by checking their local Dollar Tree stores. These stores offer low prices and fewer temptations to buy unnecessary items.

Back to school
Back to school Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Back to school

It's time to head back to school. Although it is last minute, there is still time to save money. There are many resources available to save money on everything from clothing to computers.

Save a ton
Save a ton Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Save a ton

Every penny saved on school supplies helps families get through this expensive time of year. Families with multiple children to shop for can find it nearly impossible to meet the demands of school lists and uniforms.