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Knitting tradition

Gunn Birgirsdottir
Trafalgor Square Books

Knitters will often say they love knitting, but it is the finishing they find slow going and they lose interest. "Quick Icelandic Knits" by Gunn Birgirsdottir will help to limit that. She will show you how to knit sweaters, hats, socks, mittens, slippers and handbags using knitting in the round. Her goal for this book is to inspire you with ideas and not to be just a pattern book.

Gunn shows you how to knit the basic patterns and reinvent them. Add a hood, pocketschange the style of a collar, mix the patterns and play with the colors. The patterns use 100% lopi wool. Lopi yarn can only be obtained from the breed of Icelandic sheep. This breed produces a dual coat. The outer hairs are called tog and the lighter softer inner part of the coat is called thel. A section on the history of Lopi wool is included.

The patterns are sized for the entire family. There are clear photographs, enlarged charts (where needed) and step by step tutorials in snapshots. The patterns incorporate old and new Iclandic pattern yolks.
If you are looking for traditional as well as an update on Icelandic knits, Gunn will guide you.

Medieval-Inspired Knits
Medieval-Inspired Knits Anna-Karin Lundberg

Medieval-Inspired Knits

Sweden's late middle ages, particularly the second half of the 1400's to the early 1500's has inspired Anna-Karin Lundberg to write "Medieval-Inspired Knits". If you love art, textiles, color and a bit of church architecture you will enjoy a brief history of the era in Uppland, Sweden through their churches' paintings.

Quick Nordic Knits
Quick Nordic Knits Ann Mari Nilsson

Quick Nordic Knits

"Quick Nordic Knits" is comprised of 50 patterns of socks, hats and mittens written by Ann Mari Nilsson. Upon opening the book you notice it is spiral bound. I especially like that in a knitting book. It lies flat when working on a project. The book is filled with traditional style hats, mittens, socks and ankle warmers with a modern twist.

Norwegian Mittens and Gloves
Norwegian Mittens and Gloves Annemor Sundbo

Norwegian Mittens and Gloves

"Norwegian Mittens and Gloves" is a hardbound book by Annemor Sundbo. It is filled with classic designs for warm fingers and stylish hands. You will learn to knit pattern motifs, border panels, birds, plants, animals, stellar symbols and figures. Learn about folk tales and art of Norway. All the history and colorful gloves and mittens in one book.