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Keep flowers in the cool water that should be often changed during the summer

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It is getting warmer and warmer. The daytime temperature in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area (around the city of San Jose) sometimes reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit. During such warm days, it is necessary to pay special attention when keeping fresh flowers. Needless to say it is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator where temperature is kept in better conditions for fresh flowers.

If you are obliged to keep them outside a refrigerator, it is highly recommended to change water (in the bucket ) frequently so that the water can be kept cool whereby fresh flowers “feel” comfortable and also it can avoid bacteria growing in the water. Especially when there are unnecessary leaves in the water, bacteria is apt to grow quickly, which definitely shortens the life of fresh flowers.

Not only the water temperature but also the temperature of a room wherein fresh flowers are stored should be cool enough for flowers to live long. If you feel uncomfortable with temperature, you had better adjust it to the extent you feel comfortable yourself.

The most primitive and effective way to keep flowers fresh is “FRESH CUT AND FRESH WATER” and “Clean Cut and Clean Water”. As wording shows, stems of flowers should be cut frequently. Clean cut means not only flower stems but also unnecessary leaves (below water line) should be removed. And water should be changed as frequently as possible which helps water temperature be kept low and also clean to avoid bacteria growing in water. Although it is quite primitive way, it works very well.

As far as water is kept cool and clean, it is not necessary to put any chemical stuff to avoid bacteria growing. You had better reconsider depending on the most primitive YET most affordable way. Flower arrangements are beautiful and people enjoy viewing and appreciating floral decorations. Flowers should be kept in good conditions not only when showing to people but also behind the scenes.

If you take care of flowers in the same manner as you look after your children, flowers can live a comfortable and long life. Students who belong to California Flower Art Academy will be trained not only for making floral arrangements but also for the way of handling fresh flowers through lessons of daily floral designs. Students can make a choice of the most favorite course from a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS. If they have no experiences about floral designs, they can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

Ikebana arrangement
Ikebana arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Ikebana arrangement

This Ikebana arrangement was made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. The arrangement features a linear beauty created with curly willow. Ikebana arrangement often features the grace of linear curve like this design.

Floral design featuring a large green leaf
Floral design featuring a large green leaf California Flower Art Academy

Floral design featuring a large green leaf

This is not a typical European floral arrangement. The design is neither vertical arrangement nor a regular horizontal arrangement. By way of featuring a large green leaf, the arrangement offers impact which creates a unique floral decoration.

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet California Flower Art Academy

Bridal bouquet

This wedding bouquet is hand-held by a bride. It is arranged with beautiful color coordination as shown in the photo. Students who belong to California Flower Art Academy have opportunities of learning bridal bouquets that are covered in the curriculum of a couple of different courses.

Vertical floral arrangement
Vertical floral arrangement California Flower Art Academy

Vertical floral arrangement

By way of using green and purple flowers, this arrangement looks quite attractive. This design can be used as a table arrangement or centerpiece decoration that can be displayed at various locations such as a dining table or console table in the foyer.

Floral design with self-made plant container
Floral design with self-made plant container California Flower Art Academy

Floral design with self-made plant container

This floral arrangement is a very creative and unique one. There is no glass or porcelain vase used for this decoration. The floral arrangement is displayed on the green "container" that is also made of greenery.



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