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Kathie Lee and Hoda, 67-percent of women are not happy with who they are

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“Love Your Selfie. On Today’s show Hoda and Kathie Lee are talking about loving yourself and who you are. Body image, woman believe scars, extra fat and cellulite make them ugly. Learning to accept and embrace yourself, to love yourself again by looking and the mirror should be cathartic not something you avoid and criticize. Are you a violator?

Your body is not a death sentence

How you feel on the inside is what matters. A healthy self-image can take some adjusting to create. Some of us use humor to criticize our bodies, dimples, pudge, dark circles, things that we know exist but things others may not even notice about you. Drawing attention to it in public doesn’t help.

Passing low self-image on to your kids

Toddlers, children and teens learn at an early age just how their parents, relatives and caregivers really feel about their bodies. The kids take on this same message, and take it to heart themselves and the beat goes on.

The ideal is to see people on the inside, building confidence and changing minds

Kathie Lee says when she is not on the air, she doesn’t think about body image at all. Hoda says it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Everyone is beautiful, and it’s sad that advertising and comments from people around you can make you feel less than adequate.

When was the last time you smiled back at the mirror

The average woman in America right now, is a size 14. Mannequins in the store are a size four. So what fashion is mirroring back to us is not realistic. To create a mannequin that looks like a real woman would be a healthier image in society.

Redefining what beauty looks like

Some people are quite short, missing limbs, taller, plus sized, and feeling good on the inside comes from being able to look around and see there are others like you. Knowing you are not alone. A size four mannequin is setting the self-image of the majority of the population to fail. It’s not reflecting positive affirmation at all.

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Human Barbie Doll
Human Barbie Doll google images

Human Barbie Doll

Human Barbie Doll Subject of new documentary, I'm just a girl in the real world trying to look like a plastic Barbie girl. What kind of message does this send about body image?

Eating disorders among girls
Eating disorders among girls google images

Eating disorders among girls

Eating disorders among girls from poor self-esteem, sense of identity, many teenagers suffer from self-doubt and poor self-esteem which leads to self-abandonment.

Mothers teach body hatred
Mothers teach body hatred google images

Mothers teach body hatred

Loving mothers teaching body hatred, what's the biggest way to avoid self-sabotage? Be the link in the chain that stops poor self-body image from being passed down to your kids and grandchildren.

Its not the size of your boobs or jeans
Its not the size of your boobs or jeans google images

Its not the size of your boobs or jeans

It's not the size of your boobs or jeans that matter, the sexualization of girls and the mental and physical health problems, resulting from young girls thinking their value depends on their sex appeal.

body image and happiness
body image and happiness google images

body image and happiness

How to begin your way back to exercise and happiness, #love your selfie, the way to happiness is through a positive body image. It's like the chicken and the egg and which came first, happiness or acitivity which brings that endorphin high.