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Kaiyodo Evangelion Unit - 01 Metallic Repaint

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Boy, oh boy, were these metallic repaints ever unpopular! Not sure why exactly, they look pretty good. They just seem to be the most common and unpopular versions of the given model. This one, like Unit - 00, can be had for around $20 at shows or online, if you are patient.

While one would expect that Unit - 01, being from the same series and manufacturer as the earlier reviewed Unit - 00, would be functionally identical, this figure can be a bit of a surprise. It seems not to have any part reuse, and is a completely unique sculpt. It doesn't even have similar articulation! It seems to be sculpted in a more 'cartoonish' style than the rather 'realistic' Unit - 00, as well.

Additionally, there are no overlapping accessories.

Unit - 01
Unit - 01 Author

Unit - 01

Unit - 01 comes in what seems to be the default 'berzerk' stance, with hands splayed. This is a much more dynamic pose than Unit - 00, but pays for that interesting look with a lack of balance.

The Magnum
The Magnum Author

The Magnum

One of my very favorite scenes from the anime is when Unit - 01 peeks from behind a building and shoots at an Angel with a jumbo sized Desert Eagle. Now I can reenact it here! Bully!

The Rifle
The Rifle Author

The Rifle

Yes, Unit - 01 also comes with that generic but ever so reminiscent of of FAMAS rifle that the EVAs always seem to be lugging around. Having two like Unit - 02 did during that fight with Zeruel would have been a nice touch, but I guess you can't have everything.

The Best Accessory
The Best Accessory Author

The Best Accessory

The best part of this set is that Unit - 01 comes with a little tiny Kowaru to squeeze in its fist. That's so macabre.'s whats for dinner.

More Accessories
More Accessories Author

More Accessories

This is the full panoply that comes with Unit - 01. You have five spare hands, the power cable, the berzerk head (the normal head was on most of the above pictures), assault rifle, pistol, progressive knife, and on ridiculously off scale Kowaru Nagisa.


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