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Kaiyodo Evangelion Unit - 00 Metallic Repaint

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The Kaiyodo Unit - 00 metallic repaint is one of the easier to get large scale Evangelion figures. It can be had from shows or Amazon for around $20, if one is to look carefully. Additionally, it is a fairly robust figure, and actually can live up to what I consider a 'toy' rather than a poseable model, like many of the other Evangelion license toys.

In any event, Zerogouki comes with a Positron Rifle, Shotgun (did any of the EVAs use a shotgun?), tons of spare hands, the power umbilical, rifle cartrides (for what gun, I wonder? the Positron rifle used fuses, not cartridges), shotgun shells, and an N2 Mine. The N2 mine amuses me greatly, as it's a reference to that episode where Rei runs up and punches a nuke into an angel's face. They replaced it with a ballistic missile in the movie so more people would know what it was, but I prefer the older way.

It looks great, and I got an awesome deal on it because I didn't mind the weird alternate pain scheme (Zerogouki should be yellow, or blue, but mine is gold-ish).

Unit - 00
Unit - 00 Author

Unit - 00

Out of the package and ready for business. Unit - 00 really only likes to hold the shotgun. I was very excited originally about all of the spare hands this set came with, until I realized that they were all fairly useless. The figure is poseable, but a lot of the articulation is quite weird. Look at the angled torso joint! It can swivel on a 45 degree diagonal! The arms have no elbows, only bicep cuts. The legs only have hips. It does stand relatively well regardless due to the ball joint ankles, a boon to people who actually open the package.

In The Package
In The Package Author

In The Package

The photo I took when I originally ordered this, way back in the days of yore. This is what originally got me into Evangelion. I was looking for large scale robot toys at reasonable prices for wargaming. If I'd known then...

Unboxing Author


Pro-Tip: Have a self sealing sandwich bag to contain all of the accessories. If those little shotgun shells or rafle rounds get loose, you will not find them all.

The Positron
The Positron Author

The Positron

The Positron Rifle. Not sure why this came with Unit - 00 and not Unit - 01, but whatever. I appreciate that they made it in scale with Unit - 00, but it's honestly too big to do anything with. It's too much of a bother to even take pictures of it is so long. The thing measures 10.5 inches.

Exercise extreme caution when assembling the Positron Rifle! The barrels can easily snap when you are threading them through the rifle's receiver.

Also In The Box
Also In The Box Author

Also In The Box

Unit - 00's accessories are largely not as useful as you'd think. The spare hands are a nice idea, but there are duplicates (the rifle and shotgun hands are identical, as best I can tell) or useless. The N2 mine is, again, a nice touch, but none of the hands can hold it.


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