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Disturbing Video:Jodi Arias trial update, former cellmate makes shocking claims

What's Jodi doing now?
Pool In Session

The retrial of the century is still many months away, and yet those that were glued to the first degree murder trial of Jodi Arias in 2013 have a very frequently asked question: What's Jodi doing now? What is the update on Jodi Arias? What is the Jodi Arias trial update?

What's Jodi doing now?
What's Jodi doing now? Pool In Session

What's Jodi doing now?

You asked, we answered. Here is a look at some of the key points in the Jodi Arias murder trial timeline that have cropped up since she was found guilty in the first degree for the murder of Travis Alexander.

The nutshell:

Relationships everywhere are a hot mess.
Relationships everywhere are a hot mess. Pool In Session

Relationships everywhere are a hot mess.

Relationships with the defense team and working relationships with the prosecutor Juan Martinez are a hot mess. Not only has Jodi tried to fire her lawyers at least twice, but Fox News reported that she also "allegedly" threatened to hire someone to give prosecutor Juan Martinez something termed a "Mafia Bowtie". These allegations came from an exclusive interview obtained by Fox News with a former cell mate of Jodi's at the Maricopa County Jail.

Watch this exclusive interview with a former cellmate of Jodi Arias!

Of course Jodi has denied those allegations.

Of course, it's probably just a coincidence that she also once denied actually doing that to Travis Alexander.
Suffice it to say that relationships between Jodi and prosecutor Juan Martinez are going to be a little strained come her September 8 sentencing retrial. Expect a lot of awkward moments.

But those won't be the only awkward moments during her trial, as she will probably be feeling some tension at her own table as well.

Between the end of her first trial in May 2013 and February 2014 Jodi has tried to fire her own lawyers at least three times. The most recent occurrence was in early February 2014. The Daily Mail reported that she wrote a 12 page letter to Judge Sherry Stephens asking for new representation saying she does not trust lead defense lawyer Kurt Nurmi.

Arias claimed in this letter she had not seen Nurmi in the jail for counsel since her trial originally ended last year in May. She also stated that Nurmi's "utter poverty of people skills" was another reason she wanted him removed.

She was denied this request.

Now she is in a bit of a pickle because she doesn't want the jury to find out about that, or that little Mafia Bowtie goof.

It was not long after that when another member of the defense team, Maria De La Rosa pulled a stunt not unlike one Jodi would pull herself. In late April she got her wrist slapped for attempting to smuggle Jodi's artwork out of the Maricopa County Jail. Not a huge crime by any stretch at the end of the day, but really it's just the principle of the things.

Suffice it to say, these cracked relationships are telling. The defense is not going in strong.

Being unable to sustain and maintain serious relationships, or even behave properly in regards to professional relationships, is a trait consistent with the borderline personality profile. Jodi was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder during the course of her trial, although given many of her observed behavior occurrences it is not unreasonable to speculate that her psychopathy as Dr. Drew refers to it, goes much deeper than that.

The legalese.
The legalese. Pool In Session

The legalese.

Arizona law requires murder trials to contain 3 components: Trial or Guilt Phase, Aggravating Factors Phase, Sentencing Phase. Jodi was found guilty of first degree murder in the first phase, guilty of aggravated premeditated murder (which means the murder occurred with an element of cruelty) in the second phase, and awaits sentencing after jury gridlocked on life in prison versus Death Row.

The prosecutor is taking her sentencing back to a jury, because he really wants the death penalty and has made no bones about that since day one. This phase of the trial is the phase that will begin on September 8. Jury selection will begin on that day, and when that is done, the retrial of the sentencing phase begins.

Because this will be a new jury who has not seen and heard everything, a lot of the evidence is going to come up again. So that's why it will seem like a brand new trial. But when it is time to go to jury they will only be deciding one thing. Life, or death.

There is no way to determine how much evidence will be presented. It is important to understand that it is someone's life in play here and so every effort will be made to ensure her Constitutional rights are protected and she receives her due process.

Expect it to be lengthy.

If this jury also becomes gridlocked it will go to the judge to impose the life sentence.

Former cellmate dishes the Jodi Arias dirt. Again.
Former cellmate dishes the Jodi Arias dirt. Again. Pool In Session

Former cellmate dishes the Jodi Arias dirt. Again.

It really is bad enough that just about everyone in the courtroom feels strained around her, but her own cell mates in jail have not exactly painted a pretty picture of their experiences with Ms. Arias either.

Former cellmate Cassandra Collins told Dr. Drew that Jodi allegedly claimed, "The world is better without Travis Alexander". This statement was based on Jodi's allegations in trial that Travis Alexander was a pedophile, and that would be the reason the world would be better off. Catch the video here.

And that's your Jodi Arias trial update. We can glean a lot of relationship advice by this woman by simply doing the opposite of what she does. Don't do what she do. With the trial just a few months away, it is safe to say this relationship drama is only just the beginning. Expect the drama to start to heat up very soon as the trial date approaches, and we won't miss a single minute of it!

What do you think will happen during the sentencing phase?

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