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Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge: season 1, episode 6 - Swamp Things

Swamp Creature 1
Swamp Creature 1

Tonight's episode begins with Brian Henson in action on set. The Creature Brief is:

We want you to create and build an organic creature that lives within its natural environment. When the set is finished we want your creatures to be able to camouflage themselves completely within the environment. We want them to hide in plain sight so that when we look at the set we're looking at your creatures but we can't see them because they're so perfectly camouflaged.

Swamp Creature 1
Swamp Creature 1 Syfy

Swamp Creature 1

Of course there's a twist:

It's feeding season in the swamp, and it's when the Swamp Scrats come out. These are wee timorous beasties that are particularly delicious to your creatures. So what your creatures will do is when the Swamp Scrat comes close to them they will reveal themselves and attack their prey and dissolve back into the swamp.

Swamp Creature 2
Swamp Creature 2 Syfy

Swamp Creature 2

The Creature Shop Master is the shop's fabrication supervisor, Julie Zobel, a real master in texturing and finishing. This week's build is an individual challenge. There also needs to be one element of mechanization included in the creature. They have three days to create their swamp creatures.

The contestants each select one piece of terrain to design their creature around:

  • Melissa (grass): A long-bladed swamp fowl with grass for hair.
  • Ben (rock): Boulder Munch, that looks like a rock when it's closed up, but its shell opens up to reveal a muscle-y head with a tongue that grabs the creature and closes back up.
  • Jake (wood): The Root Breaker, a creature at the end of his life becoming part of the tree with a short squat body, an ambush predator.
  • Robert (lily pad): Mildred, a cyclops with the top of his head is a lily pad, the bottom is roots.
  • Russ (weeping junipers): Green Gene, a swamp primate with drooping dreadlocks that blend in with the juniper branches.
Swamp Creature 3
Swamp Creature 3 Syf

Swamp Creature 3

There's a surprise guest judge this week, Neville Page. Although Neville's chiefly known as a judge on Face Off, he has creature design credits on Prometheus, Avatar, and Star Trek, among many others.


  • Jake

Top Look

  • Robert


  • Melissa

Bottom Look

  • Ben

Going Home

  • Russ: Finally, Russ had no one else to blame but himself. To his credit, he left with his dignity intact.
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