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Jason Collins, Michigan top March LGBT Moments

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With the first day of Spring behind us, March is coming to a close.

What LGBT stories topped this month?

1. Michigan. Michigan's same-sex marriage journey has been a roller coaster battle. After Federal Judge Bernard Friedman lifted Michigan's gay marriage ban, excited couples flocked to obtain marriage licenses this past Saturday. The heated debate was finally ending.

Gay parents Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer were thrilled about the court's decision, the couple having filed a lawsuit that challenged Michigan's ban against joint adoptions by same-sex couples. The ability of gay partners raising children stood at the forefront of the case. Rowse and DeBoer have three adopted children, but were unable to both be listed as legal parents until they married. The courts ruled in the women's favor, overturning Michigan's same-sex marriage ban.

However, a federal appeals court nipped the celebration in the bud, deciding to halt all gay marriages for the next few days. Same-sex Michigan couples who did not marry over the week-end will have to put their marriage plans on hold.

2. Taylor Ellis. Arkansas junior Taylor Ellis experienced gay discrimination when his coming out story was banned from Sheridan High School's yearbook. After school officials cited Ellis' story as too personal, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) quickly jumped in, creating a petition to reinstate Ellis' story into the yearbook. Accumulating 30,000 signatures, HRC is standing behind the brave Ellis.

"Yes, I'm gay," said Ellis, as stated on "It's not something something I'm ashamed of. In fact, I'm proud of who I am. That's why I can't understand why my school is trying to force me back into the closet."

Whether or not Ellis sees his story published in the yearbook, the 17-year old is still an outspoken hero.

3. Jason Collins. NBA star Jason Collin's recent signing with the Brooklyn Nets this month is not only a smart sports move, but a positive LGBT message. Collins chose the number 98, in honor of the late Matthew Shepard. Left for dead in Laramie,Wyoming in 1998 after being beaten by two homophobic men, Shepard died a few days later. The hate crime sent shock waves through the nation, LGBT advocates fighting even harder to end gay discrimination and lethal brutality.

Unfortunately, Collins has experienced some LGBT discrimination since signing with the Nets. Yet, Collins is trying to stay positive about the incident and the anonymous teammate.

"He's a knucklehead," said Collins, as stated on The New York Daily New's website. "So I just try to let it go. Again, that goes back to controlling what you can control. That's how I conduct myself, just being professional."

Readers, how do you feel about my March LGBT moments? Please leave a comment on my page.

Michigan's topsy turvy gay marriage journey
Michigan's topsy turvy gay marriage journey Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Michigan's topsy turvy gay marriage journey

Gay Michigan residents Roland Smith and Paul Mattson celebrate their love. Recently, Michigan became the 18th state to legalize same-sex marriage this past week-end. Unfortunately, Michigan couples seeking wedded bliss will have to silence their wedding bells, a federal appeals court stopping gay marriage for a few days.

HRC backs up Arkansas teenager Taylor Ellis
HRC backs up Arkansas teenager Taylor Ellis Win McNamee/Getty Images

HRC backs up Arkansas teenager Taylor Ellis

When Arkansas high school student Taylor Ellis discovered his coming out story was deleted from Sheridan High School's yearbook, HRC came to the rescue.  HRC started a petition to get Ellis' story in the yearbook, the group amassing 30,000 signatures for the dejected Ellis.   

Jason Collins wears #98, in honor of Matthew Shepard
Jason Collins wears #98, in honor of Matthew Shepard Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Jason Collins wears #98, in honor of Matthew Shepard

NBA gay star Jason Collins took signing with the Brooklyn Nets this month to a new level. Picking jersey number 98, Collins is honoring Matthew Shepard, killed in 1998 by two men because of his sexual orientation. The first active player to come out in four main professional sports, Collins' bravery is helping to change society.