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Jaime Climie naked photos scandal: Teacher arrested for lying to police

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The New York Daily News is reporting today that a Christian school teacher has been arrested for lying to police. Jaime Climie aka Jamie Climie is a 36-year-old former Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher who was fired when dirty photos of the teacher surfaced on an internet website. Jaime Climie was later charged for telling police officers that her cell phone was stolen. The case happened in Cincinnati, Ohio, in November 2013, according to Fox 19.

What makes the Jaime Climie case stand out?

Jaime Climie was a good, wholesome 5th grade science teacher working at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, so everyone thought. Behind the scenes, the teacher was taking nude and sexually suggestive photos of herself and uploading the images to her phone.

When the school received word that naked photos of the teacher appeared online at MyEx.COM, a site for exes seeking revenge, the teacher was placed on leave but later fired.

Today's Update on Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie had originally told West Chester police that she didn't know how the selfie-photos ended up online and that her phone was stolen. West Chester forensics investigators were able to prove that her phone had not been stolen.

They also found evidence that Climie had actually sent one of the photos herself.

Jaimie Climie was arrested and charged with obstruction for lying to police about her cell phone.

She is due back in court to face the charges on February 4.

Jaime Climie-selfie
Jaime Climie-selfie Police file photo

Jaime Climie-selfie

Here are some actual photos of Jamie Climie, the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher who was suspended and later fired for the racy photos.

Bad teacher-leaked photos
Bad teacher-leaked photos Police file photo

Bad teacher-leaked photos

This 36-year-old teacher was shocked when these embarrassing photos were leaked online. Unfortunately for Jaime, it cost her the teaching position.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher Police file photo

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher

Jaime Climie was loving her life as a wholesome Cincinnati Hills teacher in Ohio. Her whole world would come crashing down as dirty photos of the teacher surface on an internet site for exes seeking revenge.