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It's Too Pretty for School!

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After what has felt to many like an endless winter, flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and it’s finally, finally pretty enough to get outside and play for a little while! For parents who have been trapped inside with their offspring for months with no daily respite, the approach of spring brings a very real sense of relief.

It also brings out the whines.

“But Mom, I want to go outside and play!”

“But Mom, it’s too pretty to be stuck inside all day!”

“But Mom….”

Though the school year is winding down, you know you still have plenty of work to do—so how do you strike a balance between what you all want (admit it: you want to send them outside for a few hours, too!) and what you know they need to do?

Take a break at lunchtime.
Take a break at lunchtime. Emily L. Goodman

Take a break at lunchtime.

Go have a picnic outside on the grass, or just run around for a little while—whatever it takes to soak up some sun.  Take advantage of these gorgeous days of spring while they’re here!  Just remember to chase them back inside when it’s time to get back down to work…or not.

You could always have class outside.
You could always have class outside. Emily L. Goodman

You could always have class outside.

Remember when you were a kid, and having class outside was the best thing ever?  Even in college, knowing that you were going to be outside for a lecture made it pass a lot faster than being trapped in a building, in a desk.  Take the kids outside for a lesson or two…or set up a study spot and have class outside all day long!

Plan in a play break...or a field trip!
Plan in a play break...or a field trip! Emily L. Goodman

Plan in a play break...or a field trip!

This is the perfect weather to take a trip to the zoo, to go to the park to feed the ducks, or even to go to a theme park.  As long as they’re still learning, a little break to enjoy the sun is probably better for everyone anyway.

Set the chores aside for a while.
Set the chores aside for a while. Emily L. Goodman

Set the chores aside for a while.

Sure, they need to be done—but it makes just as much sense to do them in the evening, when the fun starts winding down and energy levels are a bit lower.  Besides, admit it:  you really want to get outside and soak up the sun, too!

Take a day off.
Take a day off. Emily L. Goodman

Take a day off.

You can’t do this often; but really, how often do you get perfect seventy-degree days after a winter that seemed like it was never going to end?  Take a day and just go and play! Your kids might just be better for it…and you might be, too!



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