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Investigation Discovery Shows: Schedule online

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Investigation Discovery aka ID Network Channel has one of the best line-ups of crime shows and crime documentaries in television today. Most of ID Network shows are arranged by theme. For example, if love affairs gone wrong is your "guilty pleasure" then you'll enjoy Susan Lucci's Investigation Discovery show "Deadly Affairs."

The following is a list of crime shows on Investigation Discovery channel.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

A Crime To Remember: a crime documentary that investigates old crimes or historic crimes.

A Stranger In My Home: crime show featuring cases involving strangers who are tenants living in the homes of innocent victims.

Behind Mansion Walls: deals with crimes related to rich and affluent people who live in mansions.

Blood Relatives: Deals with crimes that have been committed against family members.

Cuff Me If You Can: A show that deals with criminals who go on the run.

Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall

Deadly Affairs-Susan Lucci: A great crime show that deals with crimes that have been committed against those involved in illicit affairs. The show usually involves fatal love triangles.

Deadly Devotion: A crime show about ministers, pastors, reverends and other servants of God who have committed crimes and murders.

Deadly Women: A crime show that depicts heinous crimes that have been committed by women.

Disappeared: Focuses on children, teens and adults who have vanished. Most of the disappearances featured have not been solved.

Facing Evil With Candice Delong: A documentary featuring female criminals who are interviewed by Candice Delong.

Fatal Encounters: An enlightening crime documentary that shows what can happen when chance encounters turn fatal. It is similar to fatal attractions.

Fatal Vows

Frenemies: Deals with murders between friends or best friends.

Happily Never After: Deals with newlywed couples who have been murdered either on or before their wedding day. Very similar to the John Waters show "Til Death Do Us Part" that appeared on Court TV.

I Almost Got Away With It: Deals with criminals who have almost gotten away with murder. The format includes direct interviews with prison inmates.

Most Likely To..: Deals with people who were voted most likely to succeed but are now killers.

Murder In Paradise: A show about murders that have occurred in beautiful or exotic locations.

On The Case With Paula Zahn: A crime show recounting murders with Paula Zahn as the host.

My Dirty Little Secrets

Nightmare Next Door: Featuring crimes that have been committed by next door neighbors.

Redrum: A crime documentary. The title is derived from the movie "The Shining" where the word murder was spelled backwards on a mirror.

Reel Crime/Real Story: A behind the scenes look at murders or crimes that have been made into movies or movies based on true stories. Some of these movies can be found at the Movies Based On True Stories Archives/Database.

Scorned: Love Kills: Deals with lovers who have been scorned in relationships. Derived from the term "a woman scorned."

Sins And Secrets

Stolen Voice, Buried Secrets: A crime show that recounts the stories from the murder victim's perspective.

Southern Fried Homicide: a crime show dedicated to crimes that have occurred in the South.

Swamp Murders: A show that centers around murders that have occurred in or near swamps.

The Devil You Know

True Cime With Aphrodite Jones: A crime show that further investigates sensational true crimes. Hosted by Aphrodite Jones.

Unusual Suspects: A show that depicts different people who have been suspects in a murder. A whodunit type of crime show.

Very Bad Men: A crime show that depicts horrendous crimes committed by men. The opposite of Deadly Women.

Web Of Lies: A show featuring internet crimes.

Wicked Attraction: A crime show documentary that features cases where couples commit crimes together, a Bonnie and Clyde type of format.

Wives With Knives: This show tells the story of women who have cut or stabbed their husbands, boyfriends, spouses or partners.

Who The Bleep Did I Marry: A crime show that recounts the story of women who had no idea that they were married to notorious criminals.

ID Network: List of the best Investigation Discovery Shows
ID Network: List of the best Investigation Discovery Shows Facebook: Investigation Discover

ID Network: List of the best Investigation Discovery Shows

In this Investigation Discovery show, these people fall in love with someone other than their spouses. When they do, someone is ends up dead. Talk about love triangles gone wrong.

Wives With Knives: Seasons
Wives With Knives: Seasons Facebook: Investigation Discovery

Wives With Knives: Seasons

This Investigation Discovery show, dramatizes the worst cases of women who punish their cheating husbands or boyfriends. Watch out. She will cut'cha.

Deadly Women: Investigation Discovery Show
Deadly Women: Investigation Discovery Show Facebook: Investigation Discovery

Deadly Women: Investigation Discovery Show

Deadly Women is a classic for Investigation Discovery. This show dramatizes the most crazy and the most deadly women of all. It's all in the eyes.