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Indian River County: FYI your SOE

 The Supervisors of Elections are a part of the rich “finds” on the Treasure Coast.
The Supervisors of Elections are a part of the rich “finds” on the Treasure Coast.

Leslie Rossway Swan, Indian River County’s Supervisor of Elections and her staff are always actively providing timely and useful information for the voters and prospective voters on the SOE website. It is amazing the wealth of pertinent information that one can receive on candidates and issues from the time they are announced up to and including the final election results. Take a look at all of the interesting activities/events taking place in Indian River County that Leslie and her staff have organized to help you keep abreast of ‘what’s going on’ in Indian River County, the Treasure Coast, Florida and the U.S.A.

Mar 31: Noon Deadline: Federal, judicial, state attorney and public defender candidates seeking to qualify by petition method to submit their signed petitions to SOE.

Apr 1-24: Sunshine State Young Reader's Voting

Apr 10: Impact 100 Election

Apr 15: St. Ed's Executive Office Election

Apr 22: St. Ed's Class Officers Election

Apr 28 - May 2: Law Week

May 21: Poll Worker Orientation

May 26: Memorial Day (office closed)


Contact your SOE for details on any of the above activities: 4375 43rd Avenue, Vero Beach, FL 32967

Hours: Monday-Friday; 8:30am-5:00pm Office Number: (772) 226-3440 Fax Number: (772) 770-5367 Email: Website:

The Supervisors of Elections are a part of the rich “finds” on the Treasure Coast.

(See attached list on some of the above items on schedule by IRC SOE)

REF: Indian River County’s Supervisor of Elections Website


Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program
Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program Photobucket

Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program

The Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) is a program co-sponsored by the Office of Library Media and the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME). Started in 1984 this reading motivation program for students in grades 3-8 is designed to entice students to read high interest, contemporary literature for personal enjoyment. The long term goal of the program is to nurture lifelong readers who will continue to read for information needs and personal pleasure.

In 2012 the SSYRA website was relocated to become part of the main FAME Website: for Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program Information.

SSYRA 2013-2014 Voting

Read Something Great? It's Time to Nominate!

Would you like to suggest future SSYRA titles for consideration? If so, go to for Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program Information. All recommendations received by June 1st, 2014 will be considered for the 2015-16 list. Please remember titles must:

  • Be Fiction.
  • Have an author who lives in North America.
  • Be appropriate for students from all around Florida in grades 3 to 5 and/or 6 to 8.
  • Have a Copyright Date of 2010 or Later.
Becoming a Poll Worker
Becoming a Poll Worker Photobucket

Becoming a Poll Worker

Being a poll worker is a rewarding experience. You are the Gatekeepers of Democracy and provide assistance to voters and act as a liaison between voters and the Supervisor of Elections Office.

Becoming a poll worker is an important decision that requires serious commitment, dedication and the desire to be a public servant. Once you have attended Orientation Class to hear what being a poll worker entails, you will be added to our list of active workers. You will receive a stipend for the training required (not orientation class) and for working Election Day.

Not everyone is suited to be a poll worker. You must be at your work location on Election Day before 6:00 a.m. and work until you are released by the clerk who is in charge of the polling place. On Election Day, you will work a minimum of 14 hours. This is a long day and something you must seriously consider before applying.

Some things to take into consideration are: Are you physically able to lift? (Voting equipment can weigh up to 45 pounds.) Do you own a pet that will need attention during Election Day? Can you eliminate smoking for a minimum of 14 hours? Are you comfortable with recording letters and numbers? Do you have adequate hearing and vision? - You must be able to communicate efficiently with voters.

Memorial Day is observed on Monday, May 26, 2014
Memorial Day is observed on Monday, May 26, 2014 Photobucket

Memorial Day is observed on Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen cities and towns laying claim to being the birthplace of Memorial Day. There is also evidence that organized women's groups in the South were decorating graves before the end of the Civil War: a hymn published in 1867, "Kneel Where Our Loves are Sleeping" by Nella L. Sweet carried the dedication "To The Ladies of the South who are Decorating the Graves of the Confederate Dead" (Source: Duke University's Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920).

While Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, it's difficult to prove conclusively the origins of the day. It is more likely that it had many separate beginnings; each of those towns and every planned or spontaneous gathering of people to honor the war dead in the 1860's tapped into the general human need to honor our dead, each contributed honorably to the growing movement that culminated in Gen Logan giving his official proclamation in 1868. It is not important who was the very first, what is important is that Memorial Day was established. Memorial Day is not about division. It is about reconciliation; it is about coming together to honor those who gave their all.

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