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Hungry Church is Hungry

801 Post Street in Greensboro, North Carolina
801 Post Street in Greensboro, North Carolina
Monica Michelle

You may be surprised at what the churches in Greensboro have to offer. When trying to determine which church to join, there are somethings that you should know. Hungry Church is located at 801 Post Street in Greensboro, North Carolina, with Marcus Johnson as Pastor.

In being one of the more contemporary churches of Greensboro, you maybe surprised to walk in the front doors to see iPads setup for registration for upcoming events and to be in the know about what the church is doing. There is a sign on the wall saying ‘Perfect People aren’t Allowed’. The service is theater style - house lights out and stage lights lit. When walking into the sanctuary if you love music, then you’ll want to sit on your left. With the church make-up of approximately 33% men, the seaters/greeters (WatchMen) are men leading you to your seat and assisting in the service. During the service, twitter and instagram are being used with hashtags offered by those up front. When it’s time to give, you can put your money in the plate or send a text to the shortcode on the screen to do it from your phone.

Being a multi-cultural church with target for singles and young couples in 30’s, Hungry’s desire is to be a church that churched people can bring their unchurched friends. You know what time they start and what time they end. As they are connecting with the community, Hungry is developing their app and soon to start streaming live. This HUB is preparing leaders to go out to make things happen. Hungry ensures they are not systematic but relational - they take time to provide an opportunity for relationships to be built. So if you aren’t into connecting with people, then you may want to check out another church. By presenting the opportunity to have four moments of connecting, there is certainly time to do so.

Sunday Morning services
Sunday Morning services Monica Michelle

Sunday Morning services

There are two Sunday morning services. The 10am service started first. Due to the need, Hungry Church added the second service at 8:30a. This service typically brings out the one with busy lives - that want to start their day early. There is always childcare provided.

Weekday 7p services
Weekday 7p services Monica Michelle

Weekday 7p services

Through the week, there are two opportunities to connect and building relationships - unlike the traditional church. With Starting Point on Monday nights everyone scattered around the church, the small group atmosphere provides a one-hour format of getting to know those around you. There is conversation and if people want to get together later - GREAT! Then TGIW, there is the midweek one-hour Bible Study in the sanctuary.

Final Comments
Final Comments Monica Michelle

Final Comments

Hungry Church is designed with one person in mind - the person that is hungry after God and the pursuit of Him. If you aren’t hungry, then this is not the church for you. If you don’t love people and want to build life with others, then again NOT the church for you. They have taken the time to get their product together. One thing Pastor Marcus has said that is truth:

Consistency denotes competency.

Walk into any service at anytime and feel at home.