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How to use LinkedIn in find a job fast

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Perhaps the most valuable single tool in finding a job fast is LinkedIn. As the largest professional networking platform it is widely used by job seekers and recruiters alike in what is the world’s largest talent matching platform. This is not something the executives at LinkedIn take lightly. According to half of LinkedIn’s income is related to job search activities.

If you want to find a job fast these three resources, two books and one DVD, will help you master this professional social network.

“LinkedIn for Job Seekers”
“LinkedIn for Job Seekers” Used by license from

“LinkedIn for Job Seekers”

Jason Alba is one of the most renown of LinkedIn experts. He has created a DVD that is a nearly three-hour webinar covering virtually all aspects of using LinkedIn. “LinkedIn for Job Seekers” is strictly focused on using the social networking platform for finding a job. It is exhaustive in its approach covering profiles to groups to advanced people and company searches.

“How to Find a Job”
“How to Find a Job” Used by license from

“How to Find a Job”

Helen Stockhorst’s book, “How to Find a Job” is not specific to LinkedIn but does take a look at ways to incorporate LinkedIn into your successful job search. In addition readers will see how to create an effective elevator speech and how to stand out from the competition. Taking a view from the recruiter’s side of the table Stockhorst provides the recruiter’s approach to the job search and what they look for in their search for candidates

“Your Killer Linkedin Profile”
“Your Killer Linkedin Profile” Used by license from

“Your Killer Linkedin Profile”

A March, 2014, book by Dominic Wolff provides a concise look at how to build an effective profile. “Your Killer Linkedin Profile (in 30 Minutes or Less)” Wolff has a special section about how to be found by recruiters, which can be very valuable for the unemployed or talented individuals that wants to locate a better position. Wolff also looks at 18 mistakes to avoid while building your profile. The e-book version is only $2.99 from