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How To Teach A New Mom Clean Tricks

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If you’re OCD like me, you’re probably freaking out about life post baby. I’ve got a million thoughts about clean bathrooms, crumbs, cooking stains on my countertops, laundry, and the list continues…. I mean, I’ve not even begun to think about my state of mind or baby spit-up on me so that’s a sure sign of crazy with a capital C [krazy with a capital K].

However, I’ve invested some time into pre-empting the path to crazy with a little research on some must-have household items. It doesn’t matter where you live in a tiny apartment or a huge house, so long as you find a way to manage your space without going insane.

My household must-haves are listed below.

Note: I've been transitioning to motherhood and it has been really helpful to have these items on board!

DC 59 Motorhead
DC 59 Motorhead Dyson

DC 59 Motorhead

Whether you see strands of your hair on the ground, crumbs from prior meals, or just any kind of dust, my must-have suggestion is the Dyson DC-59 Animal (just launched in June 2014). In fact, it’s so modern that my brother thought it looked like a weapon. This version is the first cordless machine from the brand. I don’t even need a Swiffer dry pad set-up anymore and the DC-59 maneuvers into any kind of space.  It only powers up for about 24 minutes but that is probably longer than you’ll have for time.  The entire set comes with different surface heads so you could clean sofas, beds, and floors. 

Post-baby: The Dyson DC-59 is literally an animal. It sucks up anything and everything. So far, the little one has been able to sleep through the noise as well. 

Air Cordless
Air Cordless Hoover

Air Cordless

If the Dyson DC-59 device is a little out of your price range, the Hoover Air Cordless (no cords to trip over!) offers 50 minutes of clean time and weighs less than 10lbs at half the price.

Cayenne Tile Rug
Cayenne Tile Rug FLOR

Cayenne Tile Rug

You’re probably trying to dress up your nursery room or upgrade your current living set-up so my suggestion is to invest in a FLOR rug.  If you haven’t heard of FLOR, they are popular in DIY (do-it-yourself) creative circles —they are single rug “tiles,” with each FLOR square measuring 50cm x 50cm (about 20in x 20in).  You can visit their store and review an extensive list of carpet square design.  Once you’ve decided on what kind of look you want, a design consultant will put together the final look for you and within 3-5 days you will receive your FLOR rug. All you have to do is place them in a desired location and then connect them with the provided adhesives so that they don’t move.  Why do I like FLOR? They are super easy to clean! You can simply use warm water and a little bit of soap. The vacuums noted above are also perfect to use on the rug. Knowing that anything from spit-up to stains could be easily removed gave me a true piece of mind. 

Post-baby: The FLOR rugs have been able to withstand plenty of foot traffic, water, dirt and dust. I highly recommend it for a nursery room. 

EZ Inflatable Bed
EZ Inflatable Bed Frontgate

EZ Inflatable Bed

If you don’t have proper bedroom space for those helpful post-baby visitors – i.e. Mother, Nanny, Night Nurse, Housekeeper (and perhaps the couch isn’t guest friendly) then you need to get yourself a Frontgate Essential EZ Inflatable Bed. The bed inflates into an “almost real bed” from a compact, wheeled storage case that can be kept anywhere.  The bed is available in twin, queen and king sizes.  The price is reasonable and the best part is that it doesn’t take up space! Also, unless you want a guest, you don't have to offer your home because the mattress can stay hidden until you want to use it.

Post-baby: Our long-term guest at this time is my mom and with the EZ bed, it's been very easy to set-up and utilize at night. During the day, we just tuck it away.