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How to tap into a deeper spiritual awareness of our Divine connection

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When asked to describe who we are and what we are the words “Spiritual energy” manifested as human energy living a physical existence on the planet earth” comes to mind. To shorten that we are a spiritual being experiencing a human existence. In essence, we are energy.

We are energy, born and electrified by and from the Universe. There are those of us who have embraced this rare energy and use it for the greater good of others.

What is this rare energy? Love. Love is first and foremost the most powerful energy on earth. It is accompanied by compassion, understanding, empathy, sympathy, respect, and trust. Just to name a few.

This energy, “Us” is the spark of enlightenment, we are the spark of awareness, we are the spark that connects the physical human “being” to the Divine Creator.

Here on earth we have individuals who come to receive and recognize this connect earlier than others and it is said that those who do ride on the same higher frequency of vibration as the ascended masters. Those who have found true peace with their spirits and have connected fully to the essence of God. We may know these individuals as “messengers”, “guides”, “guardians.”

Connecting to the Divine Spirit is fulfilling and heals the mind, body, and spirit in many magical and inspiring ways. All we need do now is find the steps to gaining that awareness of spirit and of the amazing energy we all possess and exude.

Fruit of our Labor
Fruit of our Labor Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

Fruit of our Labor

Step One:

Deciding on a spiritual path. Research various religions and spiritual paths until you find the one that you can truly, deeply, and completely believe in. Study and learn as much as you can about the belief system, the history, and the core principles of the belief to be sure it's what your looking for.

Natures Rewards
Natures Rewards Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

Natures Rewards

Step Two:

Find a healthy diet not only for your body but your mind and spirit. A healthy diet for all three is easy and essential to be spiritually, physically, and mentally strong to ascend to the higher frequency needed for a higher vibrational connection.

Food of the Gods
Food of the Gods Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

Food of the Gods

Step Three:

Meditation is one way to attain a healthy diet of all three areas, mind, body, and spirit. Meditation helps your energy to stay focused on the goals your trying to reach. For meditation to work you will need a quite and comfortable space that is free of interruptions and outside interferences. A place of sanctuary.

Evening Clouds of Winter
Evening Clouds of Winter Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

Evening Clouds of Winter

Step Four:

Yoga is another amazing way to connect the physical body to the mental and spiritual channels of your energy unit. Yoga, as with meditation, slows the breathing, heart rate and also tones and firms the body in a way so as not to bulk you up but strengthen your inner core.


Gods Evening Sunlight Kiss
Gods Evening Sunlight Kiss Sherryl Craig, Nauvoo AL 2014

Gods Evening Sunlight Kiss

Step Five:

Prayer is a very special part of the process. Prayer is our direct line to God. It allows us to talk with him on a continuous basis and it is truly the link that makes our direct connection our strongest. You might relate it this way. When we call God he always answers, the line is never busy and we can call him twenty four seven with out there ever being an interruption.

Focus on the steps and you'll fortify a foundation on the higher frequency of energy that created this world and other worlds through out the entire being of God.

Why wait......start now.