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How To Take Multiple Choice Tests

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Some students get so nervous about taking tests that their performance does not reflect their actual knowledge or understanding of the material. But there are certain test taking strategies that can help students like these relax a little and perform better.

When taking multiple choice tests, I tell students, "It's easy... you can see the answer!" That's right. The answer is right there; it's just a matter of picking the right one. The following steps will help to choose the right one.

1. Read the question completely.

Sometimes words like NOT will try to trick you, so make sure you understand the question.

2. Eliminate the wrong answer(s).

Usually on a multiple choice test, one answer is always obviously wrong.

3. If you are not sure, guess.

Don't leave any questions unanswered. If you guess, you still have a 25% chance that it is correct.

4. Relax!

Take you time, take frequent breaks, and don't rush through the test.

Read the question entirely.
Read the question entirely. NOT

Read the question entirely.

Sometimes words like NOT are used to trick you so make sure that you understand what the question is asking! Circle these words when you see them to remind yourself/

Eliminate wrong answers
Eliminate wrong answers obviously wrong

Eliminate wrong answers

Often in a multiple choice selection there is at least one answer that is obviously wrong.  Eliminating this answer will increase your chance of picking the correct answer by twenty five percent!

Don't leave questions unanswered
Don't leave questions unanswered guess

Don't leave questions unanswered

Remember it's better to guess than leave unanswered questions.  If you do not answer the question, then it is sure to be wrong.  If you guess the answer, you have a twenty five percent chance that you will be right!

Relax your eyes
Relax your eyes Relax

Relax your eyes

Your eyes get tired from staring at small print for a long period of time.  It is a good idea to take breaks.  Every twenty minutes you should look about twenty feet away for about twenty seconds to relax your eyes!