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How To Survive New York Fashion Week

NYFW 2014
NYFW 2014
Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

With New York Fashion Week approaching, there are a few things that attendees should be aware of - whether they're entering the tents for the first time with eagerness in their eyes, or they're seasoned veterans of the scene, the following tips are crucial in surviving the week.


Carrying water is an absolute must as the first two weeks of September are extremely hit-or-miss when it comes to weather. Last year, it was so hot that girls were fainting, risking a broken ankle in their six inch stilettos. Heat isn't the only factor in this either - the tents are so crowded and vastly overwhelming, that just the amount of shuffling around can lead to one passing out. Stay on the safe side and keep a bottle of water with you at all times.


Like everybody else, chances are you are going to be wearing heels or some shoe that cost more than your rent, but kills your feet. Pick up a pair of flats that can easily be carried around throughout the day. (There are several companies out there right now that produce flats that roll up into their own little carrying case.) The importance of keeping your feet in good shape reigns high as you don't want to be absolutely motionless come day 5 of the shows!


Phones, tablets, and whatever electronic device you will be carrying with you during Fashion Week has the potential to die. Don't let it! Keep your charger with you at all times - whether it's a wire or a charging stick, you will be thankful that you did. Who else is going to upload your stage-side selfies to Instagram?! Answer: no one.


New York City transportation is hard enough to manage on a regular day, so when you throw yourself into the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week, things get hectic fast. Plan ahead by mapping your route to the shows. As some parties last until the morning, you may find yourself in Brooklyn at 6am when you have to be at a show for 9am! Map your route instead of just winging it - it will get you there on time and save you the stress.


With photographers lingering every five feet during NYFW, you always want to look your best just in case you are approached for a shot. Keep a small makeup pouch with you for quick touch-ups. Matte powder, mascara, and lipstick are key!

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