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How to request a GED transcript

Whether a person is applying for a job or entering into higher education, it may be necessary to provide proof that you have passed your GED. The following list is a step-by-step procedure for acquiring your GED test results.

Step 1

Go to

Here you will find a list of states. Choose the state in which you took your GED test.

Step 2

2. Create an account. This area demands a valid email address, date of birth and social security number

Step 3

3. Select the type of ducument you want. Either a Transcript or a Diploma.

Step 4

4. Select where you want the document to be sent to. It could be a school, yourself or another individual.

Step 5

5. Select whether you want a paper document or an edocument. Either way, you will be placed on a 2 to 3 week hold if you took your test prior to 2014.

Step 6

6. Select where you took your test and your purpose in ordering the document.

Step 7

7. Proceed to checkout.

Step 8

8. Sign the FERPA agreement. (Check the box)

Step 9

9. Provide payment information.

Step 10

10.Send Request

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