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How to plant a family garden

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Planting a family garden can be fun, educational, delicious and you can do it in day with proper planning. Find a location in your yard or back patio area where you will get full sun at least half of the day. Depending on the area you have to dedicate to your garden, decide if you will be using a raised bed, containers or planting directly into the earth. You will need to gather your necessary items prior to beginning the planting. Either purchase the appropriate supplies or gather from items you already have lying around the house. Find a quality potting soil, a time release fertilizer as well as compost to place on the top to hold in moisture and keep down the weeds. You can use many common items for containers including old work boots, watering cans, buckets, an old toilet, even an old refrigerator or freezer can be dropped down on it's back and used as a raised bed.

List items for family garden
List items for family garden B. Fisher

List items for family garden

Some of the standard gardening reference books are are available to barrow from your local library. Select a range of books to including problem solving, growing & plant descriptions as well as books specific to your containers or garden location.

Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom Seeds B. Fisher

Heirloom Seeds

I prefer to use heirloom seeds that are organic and sustainable. Let the kids select fun and different vegetable then the usual so they can explore new colors and flavors that they grow themselves.

Barrel of greens
Barrel of greens B. Fisher

Barrel of greens

When planting greens or salad mixes, I like the large half wine barrels that you can buy at home improvement or hardware stores. They are at a great height for maintaining and picking as well as offering depth for the roots to grow.

Herb pots
Herb pots B. Fisher

Herb pots

If you want to have a large selection of herbs but want to control the ones that take over like mints and chamomile I recommend planting in individual pots.

Pot of Basil
Pot of Basil B. Fisher

Pot of Basil

For seasonal herbs and plants you can use smaller pots that are more decorative and place through out your garden or put a few of them together as an arrangement.

Reuse old items
Reuse old items B. Fisher

Reuse old items

This old wheel barrow basin has been placed on top of a old metal table stand. Make sure to drill holes in the bottom of the containers to insure proper drainage for healthy roots.

Rosemary B. Fisher


Rosemary is a very hearty plant that after established is very drought tolerant, grows through out the year and is easily maintained if desired. A great herb for cooking, the larger sprigs are wonderful as skewers and impart rich flavor to chicken, pork or beef.

Watering Can
Watering Can B. Fisher

Watering Can

Not everyone has a hose directly available or access to setting up a drip system so a good old fashion watering can is a perfect addition to the garden supplies as well as an interactive way the kids can work in the garden.



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