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How to pick the right material for your roof remodeling

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The decision to update your roof is one that promises a slew of benefits, including improved aesthetics, raised market value, and better comfort. However, it is also one that should factor in several considerations. To successfully choose from the different types of roofing materials available today, you should take note of your financial capacity and specific goals for the project. You also need to contract the right people. Home improvement expert, Bob Vila, says in his article titled How To Choose a New Roof for Your House: “More often than not, if you are remodeling, the existing roof of your house will determine your choice of roofing material.” While this is usually the case, Mr. Vila says that there are still many alternatives that can be used other than your current roofing material. Here are some steps to help choose your roof update.

Check your budget
Check your budget Barnhouse Exteriors -

Check your budget

Some roofing materials fetch heftier price tags compared to others. Define the boundaries of your budget to make it easier for you to pick a material that can offer the most for your money.

  • If your budget cannot accommodate more than a few hundred bucks, your best choice would be composition shingles at $50 per square (1 square = 100 square feet), uninstalled.
  • Wood formats such as cedar shakes and cypress shingles start at $100 a square, uninstalled.
  • Metal pieces or panels run from $100-$260 per square for steel and aluminum, up to $600 for coated steel and copper, uninstalled.
Cost vs. Service Life
Cost vs. Service Life Barnhouse Exteriors -

Cost vs. Service Life

For maximum value, it pays to note the long-term functionality of the material. A durable product will offset initial material and installation costs in the long run, leaving you with a roof that you and your household can enjoy for a long time.

Survey your home’s architecture and environment.
Survey your home’s architecture and environment. Barnhouse Exteriors -

Survey your home’s architecture and environment.

Your new roof should complement your home’s architectural style, which means that this should be one of the main things to consider when shopping for materials. Fiber cement, for instance, looks good on almost any architectural style, while slate’s distinctive dark appeal complements houses in the Colonial or French styles.

In addition, your home’s environment should also be foremost among your priorities. For instance, high altitudes and cold climates may crack fiber cement, while clay and concrete tiles can withstand a lot of heat from the sun.

Hire a professional contractor
Hire a professional contractor Barnhouse Exteriors -

Hire a professional contractor

A state-licensed, factory-trained roofing contractor can guide you toward studying your options and finding the best roofing material for your needs.