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How to paint a spring scene on glass

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Spring is the time for flowers and fresh flowers need a pretty vase. For a small amount of money, one can buy an inexpensive, clear vase or flask and paint their own spring flower scene or other artwork with little time or effort. Though this tutorial features a flowery scene, one can actually use these techniques to paint any type of pattern on a glass object.

The materials for this project were all purchased in the San Diego area. The glass flask/vase was purchased at the 99 Cent Only Store on University Avenue and most of the paint supplies were bought at Blick stores at SDSU and Little Italy areas. The cost of the project varies depending on how much of the materials you already have on hand and what you need to buy. Overall cost should be less than twenty dollars depending on the quality of the materials. Types of materials will be listed with the first step. Most supplies can be re-used for other projects or to create more decorative glasses. The time to complete the project depends on the size and type of vase or glass you use, but it generally takes less than an hour.

Select paints and glass
Select paints and glass Darlene Luckins

Select paints and glass

For this project, Liquitex Basics paint was used, but any type of artist's acrylics can be used.  Paint can be bought in smaller sized bottles, if needed.  You will also need at least one or two artist's round brushes for acrylic paint.  The clear glass flask is optional and any clear glass vase or glass can be used.

Begin painting the glass
Begin painting the glass Darlene Luckins

Begin painting the glass

Taking your round brush, begin painting the glass.  Here, flowers are being painted, but any pattern is OK.  Be aware that this paint can be very thin or transparent, so it may need to be painted over after its dry.  Do not use water to thin your paint or it will become runny.

Paint stems and grass
Paint stems and grass Darlene Luckins

Paint stems and grass

Continue on with your pattern as you go around the glass.  Here, green stems and "grass" is being painted around the entire flask.

Continue around the glass
Continue around the glass Darlene Luckins

Continue around the glass

Continue painting around the glass, repainting over areas, when dry, to lessen transparencies or make highlights.  It might be prudent to let one part of the glass dry before painting the opposite side.  Fortunately, acrylic paints dry fast and the wait to paint the other side will not be long.

Add figures and other objects
Add figures and other objects Darlene Luckins

Add figures and other objects

Don't be afraid to "think outside the box" by painting birds, animals, people, or anything else on your glass object.  Here, a small duck has been painted in the grass.

Close-up of finished product
Close-up of finished product Darlene Luckins

Close-up of finished product

Here is a close-up of the finished product.  Some areas were painted over again and some were left more transparent.  Paint should dry within a matter of minutes.  



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